Committed 100 Founder Chad Tackett Explains Why You Should Ditch the Scale

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For many people, when it comes to tracking weight loss progress, the scale is judge and jury. However, Chad Tackett, nutrition expert and founder of Committed 100, says it shouldn’t be. In fact, he says, relying on the number on the scale could hinder your progress rather than helping it.

Chad Tackett explains that most people take the number on the scale at face value. A lower number equals progress. But this isn’t necessarily an accurate perception. “You may have actually made progress but didn’t realize it,” he says.

He explains that when people discuss wanting to lose “weight,” they’re really referring to losing fat. The problem is most scales don’t tell you how much fat you lost; thus you cannot determine your body composition or the progress you’ve made based on the number on the scale alone.

Chad Tackett goes on to explain that in most health and fitness programs, including Committed 100, the primary objective is to lose fat and gain muscle while increasing overall wellness. As you become more active, you’ll likely gain muscle. This has a few benefits, including increasing your strength and metabolism.

“Increasing your muscle is absolutely key to your success because you can turn your body into a 24-hour fat-burning machine,” Chad Tackett says.

While gaining muscle undoubtedly a positive, muscle isn’t weightless. This means muscle gains may be reflected on the scale and could be misconstrued as a lack of progress, or even fat gain.

Chad Tackett adds that water weight is another factor that will influence the number displayed on the scale. Water weight is constantly fluctuating, he says, depending on how much you drink, how much sodium you consume, how much you sweat, etc.

“I see clients get so frustrated and discouraged,” Chad Tackett says. “But I have to remind them when you step on the scale you’re not measuring your fat loss; you’re measuring the combination of those three things.”

Chad Tackett recommends, if you have to use the scale at all, don’t weigh more than once a week. Also, he advises using other indicators of progress in addition to the scale, such as measuring your body fat percentage or taking measurements of key areas such as the waistline.

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