Committed 100’s Chad Tackett Talks About How Eating The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight

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Committed ’s Chad Tackett Talks About How Eating The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight Committed ’s Chad Tackett Talks About How Eating The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight
The founder of the first online weight program, Chad Tackett, is a graduate of Oregon State University. He has a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

Many consider Chad Tackett to be a pioneer in the online weight loss industry. His methods of shedding the extra pounds often gain the attention of those trying to lose weight.

Chad often shares his experiences and expertise with others to correct the many weight loss myths that are out there. One such story is that of the Glycemic Index (GI).

In recent years, the GI has received a lot of attention but is there any significance to its claim of it being what determines “good” vs. “bad” carbs?

Chad Tackett says, “This is claim is actually quite misleading.”

The Glycemic Index ranks foods based on how much the blood sugar increases after it is consumed. The higher the number, the greater the rise in blood sugar.

When blood sugar goes up, insulin levels rise. High levels of insulin are associated with increased fat storage and suppressed fat burning. It is said that eating high GI foods can make you fatter than eating low GI foods.

Chad Tackett wants to set the story straight.

“The mistake in adhering to the GI for your carb choices is this: The index is based on those carbs being eaten by themselves and on an empty stomach, something you should never do if you want to lose fat. As you hopefully know, you always want to combine a protein source with your carbs, and you want to eat frequently throughout the day,” says Tackett

A good example of what Chad Tackett is saying happens when you eat a potato (Carb) with chicken (Protein).

Potatoes have a very high GI, but if you combine it with a chicken breast, the GI of the combo is much lower than the potato by itself.

Carrots are another example. They too have a high GI, but if you spread a little peanut butter on them, the fat slows the absorption of the carbs. Thereby, lowering the GI of the combination.

Committed 100’s founder Chad Tackett says, “Instead of using the Glycemic Index as the criteria for choosing your carbs, simply choose natural carbs over those that are processed.”

The “Right” kind of carbs are natural carbs that are not hard to find. They are foods picked from the ground or a tree. Some examples are fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, yams, brown rice, potatoes, beans, lentils, yams, etc.

“Bad” carbs are processed carbs, which are “man-made.”

You especially want to limit those that are white and refined, such as pasta, white bread, bagels, crackers, white rice, pretzels, chips, and refined sugars.

Carbs, in general, are not the enemy. Processed carbs are the enemy.

If you want to lose weight, stay away from eating “man-made” foods. Instead, stick to consuming natural or the “right” carbs and watch your weight loss efforts last.

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