Community Activist, Spencer Shaver Denver, Helps Startups Achieve Meaningful Corporate Citizenship

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Spencer Shaver Denver Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver Denver is a businessman and community activist from Colorado, dedicated to helping small businesses grow their philanthropic efforts since 2009. Having developed a number of community programs to assist brands in an official capacity, he believes that even startups with a few resources can do amazing social work on their own.

That same spirit is what has defined his own philanthropic journey. What are Spencer’s thoughts on corporate citizenship?

“Companies both small and large have a tremendous social responsibility,” the activist explains. “Some startups are concerned that donating their time and money spells disaster for their bottom line. I’m here to dispell that myth. History has shown us that consumers are strongly drawn to a brand that has fostered an impressive presence in the community through ethical sourcing, hiring practices and volunteerism.”

Statistics prove that Spencer Shaver Denver’s philosophy isn’t without merit. In 2015, Chinese researchers studied 42 cases and realized that there is a compelling correlation between higher social responsibility work and higher financial gains. A survey in 2017 backs these statistics; 87% of customers admitted they would purchase from a brand that advocated for a social issue close to their own hearts.

The businessman reminds startups that there’s diversity in philanthropy. For instance, companies may choose to contribute to an environmental awareness program, partake in a volunteer grant or host fundraisers for their favorite charity. There’s a lot of room to get creative!

“Businessmen, I’m talking to you,” Spencer Shaver Denver says pointedly, “don’t reinvent the wheel. You’ll see better outcomes if you join novel projects that are already in progress. Look up agencies or local boards that are already working with startups to implement specific solutions. This will be more effective than starting from scratch.”

The activist touches upon the benefits of actively being involved in charitable efforts. Statistics show that roughly 5% of U.S.-based charitable giving stems from corporations; an alarmingly low number.

Spencer Shaver Denver says, “It isn’t all giving. Corporate social investment reaps a ton of benefits for the business too. Other companies are likely to partner with startups that have a proven social record as this directly reflects on how customers see them.”

“Are millennials your target demographic?” Spencer questions. “Perfect! Research proves that Gen Yers are very collaborative and do their homework before building a relationship with a brand.”

He continues, “With a click of a button on social media, your audience knows who you’ve partnered with in the past, the social causes you support and your involvement in the community. All the more reason to use corporate citizenship opportunities to humanize your brand.”

More on Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver is the owner and Executive Producer of Skyward Artists Group, a Colorado-based firm. He uses though-provoking cinematography to deliver powerful entertainment to global audiences. The businessman has also composed and scored music for a variety of TV and film productions for heavyweights like FoxSports, ESPN, and PBS.

Spencer offers professional consulting services to small businesses from coast to coast to improve workflow processes and maximize profitability. He has helped over 100 companies acheive their financial objectives.

The businessman’s philanthropic efforts are rooted in his Christian faith. He is on a mission to help companies not only explore lucrative ventures, but also achieve meaningful philanthropic work.