Community Outreach Volunteer Micah Raskin Encourages Giving Back to Local Neighborhoods

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Micah Raskin Micah Raskin

Having lived in Queens, Nassau and New York City NY, Micah Raskin finds plenty of opportunities to empower members in his community and create resources to help better their everyday lives; hoping to lead by example, Raskin regularly volunteers with local soup kitchens, non-profits, afterschool programs, and more to give aid to the needy in the neighborhoods he has lived

Today, Micah Raskin is recognized as one of the best poker players and top earners in the country. Earning hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker during occasional tournaments has allowed Raskin to spend much of his free time volunteering in various capacities to support and uplift his neighborhood and the greater NYC community. He’s especially known in Queens and Nassau County for his work in soup kitchens and shelters where he helps purchase, prepare, and serve meals among other tasks.

Micah Raskin also encourages his peers, friends, family and neighbors to get involved wherever they can, as many shelters and outreaches are severely understaffed. He demonstrates his own dedication to the community by preparing meals for the homeless, creating after-school programs for kids in at-risk neighborhoods, donating time and resources to various outreaches, and more. In this way, he leads by example and inspires others in his neighborhood to find their own outlets to volunteer.

“It’s difficult to imagine that people in our country today go to bed starving, but it happens every day–and that’s if they’re lucky enough to have a bed to go home to,” says Micah Raskin. “There are plenty of ways for people to jump right in and help out. They just need to look to community boards or local nonprofit groups who post their volunteer needs.”

Nonprofit volunteers like Micah Raskin get involved in their neighborhoods to combat crisis in places like churches and food banks where they can cook and supply resources to the homeless or needy. In addition, these and similar outreaches help the volunteers and those coming in for shelter develop relationships and uplift one another.

“It’s shocking to see how many people come into soup kitchens looking for a meal every day,” says Micah Raskin. “That, combined with the cold and the general feeling of homesickness is rough on those in need, especially on those such as runaway teenagers who are fleeing a bad situation at home. We need to be able to give them a safe place and a warm meal to show that there is support nearby and people who care right in their neighborhoods.”

Micah Raskin says that although there are dozens of ways for people to get involved in their neighborhoods and communities, they can also stay close to home and help those directly around them. He mentions that neighbors may need help preparing food, cleaning for guests, or are just in need of an extra pair of hands or some company.

“The point is to go out and find where the people in your city need help the most,” says Micah Raskin. “Any little bit of volunteer work can help out.”