Concrete Parking Lots Are Better, Just Ask Phaze Concrete

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Business owners are responsible for their building and parking lot, which is why Phaze Concrete explains the benefits of choosing concrete over asphalt. 

Having a parking lot is basically essential in America, as most people use automobiles for transportation. The lot should be safe, clean, and well lit for customers and employees alike. Additionally, the parking lot should be built with the right materials in mind. Although asphalt has been the leading choice, Phaze Concrete weighs in on why concrete is the better option.


Concrete is tougher than asphalt, which means it’s a great material to use for the foundation of parking lots. It’s made to handle heavy loads, traffic, and the stress of vehicles. Phaze Concrete notes that because of the strength and durability of concrete, it lasts longer than asphalt.

You get the most bang for your buck because, over time, there will be less maintenance and fewer repairs. This is an ideal investment for people who lead busy lives. Asphalt parking lots need maintenance annually. Additionally, Phaze Concrete notes that owners have to worry about fixing potholes and cracks more frequently.


Concrete parking lots offer more choices when it comes to appearances. Not only do they look smoother and stay cleaner, but they also give people the chance to express a unique style. Phaze Concrete explains that colors, textures, and patterns can be mixed into your concrete. It can brighten up the exterior of your building and attract new customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete products can be environmentally friendly! Phaze Concrete notes that concrete is made from natural resources, and, depending on the product, can even help rainwater drain back down into the earth. Underground aquifers need to be replenished to prevent sinkholes and provide drinking water. When cities become too built up, water is unable to make its way back into the ground at normal levels, causing long-term issues. 

Black asphalt absorbs heat from the sun and contributes to a phenomenon called “heat islands,” where cities reach much higher temperatures compares to urban areas. With little vegetation to provide shade combined with black asphalt, which holds onto heat even into the night, cities are warming up. However, Phaze Concrete notes that there is another option. Concrete parking lots are much cooler than those made of asphalt. Southern states like Texas and Florida need to be especially mindful of cooler options.

Competitive Pricing

People typically choose asphalt because of the lower up-front cost associated with it. Although it may seem like the better deal, once you factor in long-term maintenance costs, it ends up being more expensive. Phaze Concrete believes that the durability and longevity of your investment will pay off due to fewer repairs and maintenance needs.

Always shop around to get quotes for your specific needs from a variety of professionals in your area. Take reviews and photos of previous jobs into consideration when choosing a company. It is not recommended to select a contractor based on price alone. The right company is just as important as picking the right materials for a long-lasting, beautiful result.