Concrete Patio Options for Your Backyard by Phaze Concrete

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Phaze Concrete Concrete Patio Options for Your Backyard Phaze Concrete Concrete Patio Options for Your Backyard

No matter the project, Phaze Concrete is sure that there is a slab option for you.

When the weather is nice, who doesn’t want to spend time outdoors? It’s not always easy to get away, which is why patios are a popular home renovation choice. There are many options to consider when it comes to building patios. Concrete is among the most popular choices, a traditional yet versatile medium. Phaze Concrete, a nationally recognized construction company, shares insight on concrete patio options.

Many people don’t realize that concrete can come in many colors and shapes while remaining affordable. It can be smooth or textured and cast into any vision the homeowner desires. Phaze Concrete lists additional benefits such as durability, permanence, and low-maintenance. A concrete patio can last up to 100 years, depending on the type.

Phaze Concrete, an expert in the industry, sees simple concrete slab pours the most often. Slab pours are also used in the foundation of buildings and warehouses. Patterns can be added during the curing process and can reduce the risk of slipping.

Concrete pavers are another popular choice for clients at Phaze Concrete. They are readily available in a multitude of shapes, textures, sizes, and colors. To install concrete pavers, a tightly packed bed of sand must be laid first. Phaze Concrete can lay pavers close together, or with gaps in-between, depending on the needs of the client. If there are spaces in between the pavers, it is common to also install gravel, pebbles, or a plant ground cover.  Phaze Concrete will put pavers close together if there are no restraints on the budget, or if the client wants to avoid weed maintenance.

Many clients will choose to have concrete poured around existing components of their backyard. Phaze Concrete commonly sees people work with experts to build a deck around fire pits, gondolas, pergolas, gardens, pools, greenhouses, and hot tubs. Concrete can bring areas of the yard together while providing easy access.

Depending on the style of the home, concrete can be poured to be an extension of the homes most beautiful features. Phaze Concrete can pour concrete in aesthetically pleasing layouts that match the buildings nearby. This can include accentuating mid-20th-century concepts, canyon landscapes, and sharp modern lines.

About Phaze Concrete:

In 2003, Phaze Concrete began as a small family-owned and operated business. The father and son duo has since grown their little company into a well-known powerhouse with a growing portfolio.

No matter the vision, Phaze Concrete is capable of meeting the client’s needs. Phaze Concrete is licensed to deliver their services to 17 states. They mainly focus on high-profile clients and big-ticket contracts in the western United States.

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