Connecticut attorney James Hardy proud to offer mentorship program for young lawyers

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James Hardy James Hardy

James Hardy, Connecticut attorney, now offering mentorship program and training for young lawyers fresh out of law school.

Connecticut-based attorney James Hardy, from West Hartford, recently announced news of his plans to extend the scope of his professional legal services to cover two new areas of expertise. With a now-ever-growing roster of specialties, Connecticut attorney Hardy reveals more about his continued decision to mentor and provide further training to newly qualified young lawyers.

“Part of my services now include a mentorship program,” explains Hardy, “relating to mentoring and training young lawyers fresh out of school.”

Attorney James Hardy will, he says, continue to mentor and provide further training to newly qualified young lawyers who have recently graduated from law school. This comes as Hardy announces a number of new legal services, including alternative dispute resolution and white-collar crime specialties.

Hardy, known for his exemplary work in DUI and DWI, criminal defense, and divorce and separation, will, alongside federal crime, family law, child custody, and more, now also serve clients seeking alternative dispute resolution and new legal services in the field of white-collar crime.

What’s more, the Connecticut attorney has no plans to stop there. “Effective as of recently, I’m also gearing my practice towards representing young athletes,” explains Hardy, “looking to make the leap from the collegiate platform to the professional arena.”

Attorney James Hardy is a lifelong sports fan, something which has, undoubtedly, been a driving force in his decision to gear his practice toward representing young athletes looking to enter the professional arena. “In my spare time, outside of work, I also train and mentor young boxers,” reveals Hardy, who, from a young age, trained as a boxer until his early twenties.

Whether working on DUI and DWI, criminal defense, divorce and separation, alternative dispute resolution, and white-collar crime cases or representing young athletes looking to make the leap from the collegiate platform to the professional arena, Hardy is, he says, immensely passionate about serving his clients.

“Whatever the case, I’m immensely passionate about representing my clients,” adds the attorney, wrapping up, “and integrity—a concept that’s been fully ingrained in me since my time in the U.S. Army almost two decades ago—is, and remains, central to my career as a lawyer.

Multi-award-winning attorney James Hardy, originally from the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area, and today based in Fairfield County, Connecticut, is a member of both the Connecticut and Maryland State Bar Associations. Before establishing his own practice, James served in the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Office. The lawyer achieved a Juris Doctorate from the University of Massachusetts School of Law in 2010, further to a Bachelor of Science in the area of finance, four years prior, in 2006.