Construction Executive, Aaron Wesley Smith, Implements Successful Workplace Pet Perks

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Aaron Wesley Smith Workplace Pet Perks Aaron Wesley Smith Workplace Pet Perks

Aaron Smith continues to impact the community through his passion for animal welfare.

Making the decision to adopt a pet is a big responsibility, but one businessman in California is making it easier than ever for his employees to save a furry life. Former President of AMI Hospitality, Aaron Wesley Smith, has long implemented policies at his finish and hardware company allowing employees to bring their dogs into the office. By providing employees with pet perks, Aaron Smith is advocating for the adoption of more shelter animals in need of a reliable family.

For more than a decade, Aaron Wesley Smith of Michigan has supported the SPCA, a non-profit organization that has shelters around the world for pets in need of homes. His passion for helping animals has also made a big impact in his community and in the lives of those who count on shelter services. According to, around 1.5 million pets are euthanized every single year in the United States alone. Without the support of donors like Aaron Wesley Smith, shelters would not be able to cover operating costs that are required in the pet rehoming process.

Animals are often abandoned when families welcome new children into the household, make a big move, or face financial challenges. Aaron Wesley Smith and his wife, Tania, strongly believe in advocating for these homeless pets and giving them a voice. Animals deserve love, attention, and proper care for a lifetime, not just for a season. That’s why together, Aaron Wesley Smith and Tania made the commitment to save as many furry friends as possible by rescuing dogs themselves and providing proper medical care to some of the worst cases.

Without Aaron Wesley Smith of Michigan, dogs like Wylie would not have been given a second chance. Wylie was severely abused for many years and used in illegal gambling rings. Until recently when Wylie passed, he still trembles at the sound of a whistle. Abuse made him unsociable and scared, but with proper rehabilitation, Wylie was Aaron Wesley Smith’s loving pet for more than 6 years. Animals with special cases such as this one often need specific care, and many cannot be left at home alone for extended periods of time. Aaron Wesley Smith is providing opportunity and hope for more animals like this to be adopted through his pet friendly work policies.

Located in Orange County California, Aaron Wesley Smith and his wife, Tania, continue to advocate for non-profit animal shelters. After seeing the unconditional love given by rescue dogs, Aaron Wesley Smith encourages others to open their hearts and their homes not only in the Southern California area, but around the world.