Construction is Benefiting The Economy in Panama

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel G Btesh | Panama’s Economic Growth Thanks to Construction

Gabriel G Btesh, now at the helm of the family business founded by his father has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to grow the construction firm into one of the most successful in Panama. Committed to increasing standards of living and growing the country’s economy, Gabriel G Btesh has also succeeded in raising the bar for architectural integrity throughout the Central and South American nation.

Creating tens of thousands of construction sector jobs, Gabriel G Btesh and his company’s retail and leisure industry projects have also indirectly created many thousands more roles in a variety of different industries.Both in Panama City and across the country, projects such as Mall Los Pueblos and Santa Maria Golf & Country Club have generated a huge array of employment opportunities for those seeking work.

“Built to a high standard and in a desirable location, Mall Los Pueblos. This quickly attracted retailers, and with them, customers,” Gabriel G Btesh explains. “Only shortly after construction was completed, all available space in the mall was rented out, which prompted further development of additional retail space in the immediate vicinity.”

As a result, the area surrounding Mall Los Pueblos has become a prime retail and shopping destination. This has created more and more new jobs. “It quickly became the most popular shopping area in Panama City. It currently provides employment for thousands of individuals in all manner of roles,” Gabriel G Btesh adds.

“I believe that by securing the positive cycle of employees, we’ve helped the Panamanian economy to flourish.”

Where individuals have jobs, says Gabriel G Btesh, they also have money to spend. “When these individuals spend their money, they’re putting that money back into the economy. It circulates in a positive and accumulative manner.” Btesh adds.


Gabriel G Btesh is Responsible for Some of the Country’s Largest Industrial Construction Projects for the Past 3 Decades

Other developments, such as numerous 5-star hotels constructed by Btesh and his team across the country. Which have also delivered new forms of entertainment, bringing in tourists, and further boosting the economy, he says. “Areas outside of Panama City which we’ve developed have also become more desirable places to live,” he suggests.

In conclusion, as Btesh wraps up by saying, “more affluent individuals have moved to these areas. In doing so, we have helped to spread wealth and employment opportunities right throughout the country.”

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