Consumer Tech Reviewer Eliseo Delgado Discusses the Release of the 2019 Apple iPad

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Eliseo Delgado Consumer Tech Reviewer Eliseo Delgado Discusses the Release of the Apple iPad Eliseo Delgado Consumer Tech Reviewer Eliseo Delgado Discusses the Release of the Apple iPad

Eliseo Delgado is a computer engineer and consumer tech reviewer who helps online readers understand what’s new in technology and which items are worth investing in. Here, he quickly goes over some of the most notable upgrades in this year’s iPad model and what benefits consumers can expect from the product.

As a tech reviewer and computer engineer, Eliseo Delgado has had the opportunity to test out many of the latest gadgets and smart devices for integrity and usefulness. Remarking on the latest release of the Apple iPad, he believes now is the best time to upgrade old iPads or invest in the product for the first time. 

“There are a lot of great Apple products unveiling this year, including the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 and the latest iPad,” says Eliseo Delgado. “They’re all bound to be outstanding products that put previous editions to shame, but the iPad is proving to be one of the most practical investments.” 

Apple is known around the world for their re-release of old products with improved functions, and they continue to produce some of the most impressive and useful technologies on the market. The iPad has become one of the hottest consumer products in recent years and has begun to replace personal computers and laptops for millions of buyers. The latest edition of iPad has a large 10.2-inch retina display, which is perfect for the dual-screen capabilities that the tablet features.

“You can do research and create documents all on the same screen without having to set up shop with your computer,” says Eliseo Delgado. “And if you aren’t using it for work-related purposes, you can enjoy videos, games, sketching, and designing in the thousands of apps Apple offers its users.”

In addition to Apple’s new phones, computers, and tablets, the international tech giant has also released an updated Smart Keyboard, which attaches directly to consumers’ iPads without any charging required.  Additionally, the Apple Pencil connects seamlessly with the new iPad and provides a powerful and user-friendly method to draw, sketch, and design anything consumers can imagine. 

The starting price for the new iPad is only $329––many times cheaper than a personal computer. Apple also offers a trade-in option for consumers to exchange their old iPad models for up to $335 towards a new one. Shoppers can go online or into the nearest Apple store to get a quote on how much they can receive for their specific trade-in. 

“If you’re wondering whether it’s time to invest in an Apple product, the new iPad is where you should look first,” says Eliseo Delgado. “With its larger screen size and numerous accessories, it can do everything the typical computer can do and more. Plus, you can rely on Apple iPads to always be at least one step ahead of the competitor’s tablets.