Corporate Universities are Changing Business, Explained by William T. Sugg

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William T Sugg Corporate Universities are Changing Business William T Sugg Corporate Universities are Changing Business

William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems promotes internal education programs, which are beneficial for both the organization and its employees.

Corporate universities first appeared in the mid-20th century as a response to rapidly changing business environments. Although many new employees receive a college education or formal training, it’s often times not enough preparation for a role in a high-level corporation. As the need for specialization and product development grows, so does the need for a new approach to corporate education.

With more than 25 years of business experience, William T. Sugg, founder of a 501c (3) Healthcare Foundation and a Corporate University, explains why internal education is key to a healthy, successful company.

Value to the Organization

An internal corporate university has curriculum that pertains to the organization specifically. Investing in employees has been shown to drive performance and results, as each person is fully equipped for the job at hand. William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems suggests that corporate universities also aid in the hiring process by opening the door to candidates who have the right attitude and energy, but perhaps not the experience that would normally be required. Reinforcing a positive and consistent work culture across all departments in the organization is a huge advantage to corporations.

Impact on Employees

A corporate university encourages individual growth, where employees can develop skills relevant to their career goals. William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems has seen how open discussion fosters development and innovation, and allows employees to connect with peers. When the program is complete, employees are more prepared and more confident at work. Corporate universities also create an increase in employee retention rate, as team members have more opportunities to grow within their roles and at the company.

Strategic Planning and Education

New research suggests that corporate universities can play a huge role in planning for the future. William T. Sugg of Valley County h=Health Systems explains that it’s a great opportunity to discuss the overall vision for a company, and set multi-year goals for teams. It can help employees understand how their projects tie together and make a difference in the organization. Presenting critical information in a condensed and easy to understand format saves time, and puts everyone on the same page with a shared vision.

About William T. Sugg

Throughout his management career, William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems, also known as Bill, has worked through almost every major crisis possible in a hospital setting, including deadly tornadoes, floods, fires, scandals and rebuilding the 17th most beautiful hospital in the United States. He is a politically astute healthcare executive with more than 25 years of experience. His leadership style is approachable, transparent, and people centered. William T. Sugg believes in a strong teamwork culture that promotes respect, trust, commitment, and dedication to goals and values.