Costa-Mesa Based Robert McDougal English Language Institute Offers Free Childcare for Adult Learners

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Robert McDougal English Language Institute Offers Free Childcare for Adult Learners Robert McDougal English Language Institute Offers Free Childcare for Adult Learners

The newly-formed Robert McDougal English Language Institute in Costa Mesa, CA, helmed by CEO Robert Bouton McDougal, is now offering free childcare during all of its classes for ESL/ELL adult learners. Students in adult fall, summer, and winter intensives, weekend and weeknight ESL courses, and early morning ESL workshops for non-native English speakers will have access to free childcare for up to four children per parent.

Childcare for infants and children ages six weeks and up will be offered by qualified professionals from the start to finish of every class time in an adjacent room. Free meals will be provided onsite, and parents simply need to sign up two weeks in advance to ensure that their child has a space.

“Many adult non-native English speakers have told me over the years that they can’t commit to an intensive learning program because of their family obligations. Many immigrants, green card holders, migrant workers, and new U.S. citizens have children,” Robert Bouton McDougal explains about the center’s initiative. “Childcare in the U.S. is often expensive, and new American citizens might not have the safety nets and support systems that they may have had in their countries of origin.”

Inclusivity is a key tenet of the Robert McDougal English Language Institute’s approach to learning and teaching. “We wanted to implement a series of programs that would eliminate every possible barrier to English fluency,” Robert Bouton McDougal shares. “If you work hard and are willing to put in the time, you should be able to access great teachers who care about your progress. That’s why we feel so strongly that offering free childcare during our sessions is key to our mission.”

Robert McDougal says that the next step in ensuring the accessibility of his ELL programs is transportation. Many of his students and aspiring students have inconsistent access to reliable modes of transportation. His coordinators are looking into rideshare partnerships and carpooling services so that every student can attend classes regularly.

Robert Bouton McDougal is a seasoned ESL instructor with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Language Learning (ELL). He has taught ESL/ELL courses in private tutoring centers, career institutes, and classrooms to students of all ages for over six years, in addition to his four years of instruction internships during his tenure as a student himself. He is passionate about helping his students reach their full potential as fluent English speakers and to seek advanced education and gainful employment of their own. He specializes in teaching children with disabilities, adult learners, and seniors. Robert McDougal recently launched the Robert McDougal English Language Institute in Costa Mesa, CA.

For more information about this project or how you can help, contact the Robert McDougal English Language Institute.