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As cyber technology products and services ramp up across the world over, it is important to protect oneself from the negative impacts of these systems. By studying the work of cybersecurity expert Jim Feldkamp, we can get a better understanding of these risks and apply safeguards to protect against them.

“If Americans are not prepared for an onslaught of hacking as a technological form of assault, then they are not preparing correctly.” the Cybersecurity expert has espoused over and over again throughout the years. Jim Feldkamp suggests keeping both computer hardware and software updated once every three to five years. “Ransomware can target major corporations so if they can be hacked easily, you, as a citizen, need to be aware of the issue.” Jim Feldkamp says.

Jim Feldkamp is a former US Naval Flight Officer, Counter-Measures Officer (ECMO), and Navigator for the EA-6B. Thanks to his assistance in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991, he became a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at Norfolk, Virginia. His tasks were to develop the Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force that would serve as an aerial surveillance tool against those terrorist suspects. After a short stint as a politician, Jim Feldkamp returned to his first love of military endeavors where he, in 2007, formed the precursor office of NMIO (National Maritime Intelligence Office) that worked to share information of domestic and international non-classified matters across federal and foreign governmental agencies. As a result, Jim Feldkamp has spent many hours in the office working up how best to share this information without having to deal with any leaks in the content being shared.

“Having a strong password that is tough to guess and don’t have any kind of pattern is key to maintaining secure systems.” Jim Feldkamp has noted several times in many of his keynote addresses to cybersecurity groups. “If you want to use a VPN with hashing algorithms in order to send and receive data from foreign countries, be careful to use the proper VPN as foreign parties can uncover information that you may have thought was being disguised but really isn’t.”

Thanks to his raw experience, Jim Feldkamp has transformed himself into a rather well-known expert in the cybersecurity space.

“If you are looking to transfer data from old hardware to new hardware, the most important first step is to transfer the data. Immediately afterward, wipe the data with a data wiping software. This doesn’t just delete the data but it wipes it out and creates a new binary code replacement that is virtually impossible to decode and obtain private data from.”

This advice and several others are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to Jim Feldkamp’s knowledge in the area of cybersecurity. It will be interesting to see what new advice he will be able to deliver in the future as he continues his career as an official in the field.