Craig Schoenfeld Discusses How to Get Involved in Politics

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Craig Schoenfeld Discusses How to Get Involved in Politics Craig Schoenfeld Discusses How to Get Involved in Politics

Politics can be a difficult world to get involved in. Craig Schoenfeld discusses how to get involved in politics and public affairs


With over two decades of public relations or affair service and politics, Craig Schoenfeld is a master and expert in the world of politics.


One tip that Craig Schoenfeld offers for anyone interested in a career in politics is to consider non-profit and advocacy work.


“If there is one thing that looks good in politics, it’s advocacy and non-profit work,” explained Craig Schoenfeld. “A great place to start is by picking 5-10 causes that are important to you.”


If there are causes that you are passionate about and resonate with your beliefs, like education, climate change, healthcare or human rights, there are most likely organizations right in your backyard that work to influence some sort of policy on these issues and there will be a way to get involved helping out a cause you believe in.


Starting with advocacy work is a great way to put out feelers to see if politics is something you want to be a part of, and it’s a great way to give back to your community on a local and national level as well.


Craig Schoenfeld always reminds people that advocacy work connects back to politics.

There are specific policies and issues that are going to be influenced by lobbyists and politicians and getting involved on a volunteer or grassroots level is a great way to see if it’s something you want to be involved in.


Advocacy work much like politics is all about relationships and who you know. The only way to meet the right connections is to be in the room with the people that influence these decisions and a great place to start is supporting causes that you are already familiar with and believe in, and it will provide the added bonus of connecting you to powerful influencers in those fields.


Another way that you can get involved in advocacy work is through NGO’s or non-governmental organizations. If you are passionate about travel and global causes this can be another great outlet to build your political connections and make yourself known as a humanitarian while also doing good and getting involved globally.


Politics is all about influence and who you know and Craig Schoenfeld is here to guide you along the way.


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