Craig Schoenfeld Explains Why Passion Matters

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Craig Schoenfeld Explains Why Passion Matters Craig Schoenfeld Explains Why Passion Matters

Craig Schoenfeld Explains Why Passion Matters

Entering into politics without a clear goal and a cause you believe in is a recipe for disaster. Craig Schoenfeld talks about the importance of passion and how it can change your career.


With over twenty years of experience in the world of politics, Craig Schoenfeld knows exactly what it takes to succeed, and what it takes to fail.


“I’ve watched many great people enter into politics and not make it because they never had a clear mission or something that they truly believed in,” explained Craig Schoenfeld. “The first step you need to take before diving into politics is to find your passion.”


As a consultant, speaker, and political expert, Craig Schoenfeld has never been afraid to take risks and he encourages every client to adopt that mindset.


If you truly want people to vote for you and to support you, if you really want people to believe in your message and to show up when it counts, they need to connect with you on a deeper level, and if you have something that you are passionate about, that really matters to you deep in your gut, crafting your political campaign around that passion will take you to new heights, and give potential voters something to connect with.

“Passion is what drives the greatest politicians, business owners, and activist’s around the world,” explained Craig Schoenfeld. “Tapping into your belief system and creating a campaign based on passion is the first step to success.”


Craig Schoenfeld reminds his clients that most of their target audiences are not fulfilled and struggle on a day-to-day basis. They need something to believe in, and if you can tap into what matters most to you, potential voters will be willing to get behind you.


When Craig Schoenfeld speaks to potential candidates, he asks them to focus on answering why they are running, and to figure out what their mission is. Recognizing these themes early on can help you create a great message that’s centered on what matters most to you and that can help connect you to your audience and build a lasting legacy.


A political career does not happen overnight. It starts with focusing on crafting a message that you believe in and think is worth sharing with potential voters. Tapping into this passion can help you create something that will last for ages.

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