Craig Schoenfeld Plays Crucial Role in Government Legislation

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Craig Schoenfeld Government Legislation Craig Schoenfeld Government Legislation

Through lobbying, Craig Schoenfeld lets the voices of citizens be heard.

In the United States government, lobbying is a crucial component to keep the wheels turning. Lobbying provides access to government legislators so that legislative action, which affects all citizens, can be influenced. Without lobbying, the government at every level would have a difficult time sorting out the many competing interests of citizens.

Craig Schoenfeld is the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobbying firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing strategies that build support, inform the public and public officials, and mobilize key constituencies.

Craig Schoenfeld uses his 20 plus years of political experience to provide citizens access to important issues. Lobbying at its core, is meant to provide the opportunity for the interests of many to be heard. The interests of many are more likely to be heard due to the grouping of individual voices into one voice that legislators can hear. Governments are more likely to be receptive to the focal point of an interest group with a large amount of support.

Lobbying is crucial for the mobilization of individual constituents. Craig Schoenfeld specializes in aggregating the interests of many constituents and providing a voice to be heard. In addition to making his constituents’ voice louder, Craig Schoenfeld is able to dive into research and fact checking on issues to bolster arguments towards legislation. Lobbying applies the necessary pressure on issues that otherwise may fall out of focus by the government.

Thousands of bills are presented to Congress each year. Legislation material presented to congress is complex and needs more than one person to be adequately presented. Nobody is an expert in everything and lobbyists help close that gap of knowledge.

Many lobbyists have a background serving in a government position. Craig Schoenfeld served on the Iowa House of Representatives Republican caucus staff for six years. This experience is crucial to knowing how to effectively lobby and get legislative passed.

Now, Craig Schoenfeld serves as the executive director for Iowa Growth Project. In this role, Craig is educating the electorate of Iowa on issues regarding the state’s economy, job growth, education, tax infrastructure, and business expansion in Iowa.

Lobbying is an integral part of government and legislation. If lobbying is utilized properly, the similar voices of many can be consolidated into one voice that has power to pass legislation. Through research and fact checking, CR3 Connect is a leader for lobbying advising in Iowa. Craig Schoenfeld is an effective lobbyist that is able to explain the practical effects of legislation for his constituents.