Craig Schoenfeld Provides Six Tips for an Effective Political Campaign

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Craig Schoenfeld Craig Schoenfeld

New politicians count on Craig Schoenfeld of CR3 Connect for his expertise in creating a successful political campaign. 

Running for political office in the United States has become more competitive than ever before. With the rise of the internet and social media, citizens have become extremely interconnected and have more opportunities to get their name out there for a campaign. The influx of people with minimal political experience creates a knowledge barrier. Craig Schoenfeld, the president of CR3Connect, shares useful tips for new politicians who want to have an effective political campaign.

  1.   Make Sure Your Family Is on Board.

This is one of the most critical pieces needed for a successful campaign. Political campaigns are long and tough, no matter the level. Craig Schoenfeld believes that having a supportive, committed family is crucial for a good campaign.

  1.   Get Ready for Hard Work.

Campaigns are physically and mentally demanding and are generally a full-time job. Craig Schoenfeld believes that up and coming politicians need to stay focused and put in the extra hours. 

  1.   Have A Plan. 

Effective campaigns need a well-thought-out plan. It should include identifying the target audience, how you will reach your constituents, rally locations, yearly calendar, and more. The campaign plan needs to be adaptable because things change often. Craig Schoenfeld recommends hiring a professional for assistance in creating an effective campaign. 

  1.   Start Low. 

Start campaigning for a city councilperson seat or similar. New politicians that campaign for a high-level seat waste their time and resources. Craig Schoenfeld explains that it’s easier to start making progress on a lower political level. Also, while doing good work, you can get more popularity and exposure through your actions.

  1.   Use Quality Voter Data. 

With the ever-increasing value of data, useful data on voters within your district is crucial. Craig Schoenfeld notes that voter data helps you determine where you should spend your time campaigning, how much money is needed in certain areas, and ultimately how to get a feel of how the public perceives you. 

  1.   Smart Targeting. 

As previously stated, voter data can be used to target voters that are on the fence or likely to be swayed in your direction. It is better to target these voters than spend your time targeting those voters that will not vote for you no matter what. We all should be receptive to good ideas and different opinions, but the reality is, some voters will always vote red and voters that will always vote blue. Depending on what side of the aisle you run on, Craig Schoenfeld believes it is best to focus on those that vote for your party and those that could vote for either party. 

About Craig Schoenfeld: 

 With more than 20 years of experience, Craig R. Schoenfeld has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesperson, and campaign operations manager for his clients. He has developed excellent relations with elected officials, business organizations, and activists in the Midwest.

 Craig Schoenfeld is also the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobby firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing strategies that build support, inform the public and public officials, educate and mobilize key constituencies. For more information: