Craig Schoenfeld on the Importance of Public Relations in 2019

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Craig Schoenfeld Importance of Public Relations in 2019 Craig Schoenfeld Importance of Public Relations in 2019
Craig Schoenfeld
Craig Schoenfeld

DES MOINES, Iowa, USA, January 15, 2019,/EbizNewswire/ — It’s no secret that in order to survive in the digital age, a business needs to have a brand that customers can stand behind. Great public relations helps you do just that. Craig Schoenfeld discusses the importance of good PR.

With over 20 years of experience in public affairs, Craig Schoenfeld is an expert at building brands. He leverages his experience as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesperson, and campaign operations manager on behalf of his clients, and he understands brands better than most. He is a highly sought-after lobbyist and multi-state grassroots organizer with deep relationships and experience with elected officials, business organizations, and activists across the Midwest.

“I always remind my clients that good public relations start with relationships,” explained Craig Schoenfeld. To really build up a public relations platform, you need to establish ongoing relationships with a lot of important influencers, this will allow you to also connect with their audience as well.”

Another added benefit of public relations is a massive boost in your company or brands credibility. Because of the very nature of public relations, the intermediaries that deliver your message will be communicating to their audiences on your behalf, increasing the trust the general public has for your company or brand. The importance of influencers cannot be overstated. Public relations can definitely increase your brand at every level.

Craig Schoenfeld always reminds businesses that one of the most important factors in delivering a good public relations message is remembering the simple fact that the public always wants to hear a great story. At the very essence of great public relations is a captivating story, and when the audience connects with it, they are more likely to accept your company or brand. When developing a good public relations message, it’s essential to focus on the story, because that can be a game changer for your company.

Another added benefit of public relations is reputation management. Sometimes you’ll need to get the message out when a product doesn’t work right, or something goes wrong and having a great relationship with the media can help you do this, and can strengthen your reputation when something goes wrong.

Public relations can be a tough field to navigate and having experts like Craig Schoenfeld by your side can change your company or brand forever.

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