Datasys founder marks another decade in the Data business

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Datasys Founder Reflects on Two Decades of Data Leadership

Adam Mittelberg, founder of data marketing giant Datasys, discusses the extensive changes in data marketing over the past two decades.

As one of the founders of email marketing and several other digital sales concepts, marketing veteran Adam Mittelberg has witnessed countless changes in the way we use data and analytics to empower business growth. He sat down with us to give a firsthand recap of some of the most important innovations across the past two decades and how they shaped the vision of Datasys.

“Starting out in the late 1990’s, we knew there were massive opportunities in the digital realm,” commented Mittelberg in a recent interview. “And right away we saw that almost every future concept would revolve around data and permission-based marketing.”

Adam’s digital career started with Naviant, the nation’s first opt-in email marketing company that focused on consumer data to guide better sales strategies. His premise was simple- learn everything he could about American consumers and their spending habits, then structure that data to reveal potential competitive advantages.

“The approach to data back then is strikingly similar to today,” commented Mittelberg, “in that every company should be obsessed with knowing who their ideal client really is. There’s always another level to unlock new insights on interests, spending habits, affiliations and so much more…and it can make all the difference in a major campaign.”

Mittelberg also shared that while access to better data has become more prevalent, companies have continually struggled to take full advantage of the vast knowledge within their databases. He made his mark in the digital world building custom technologies to analyze, structure and segment those data files, both for his employers and other key clients.

“Your average corporation may be collecting information across dozens of data points on each potential customer,” added Mittelberg, “but that doesn’t mean they have it structured in a way where it creates real insights or an actual competitive advantage. Your data is only as powerful as the tools you have to analyze it.”

Today, Adam Mittelberg is recognized as an innovator who has successfully created customized sales and marketing solutions for numerous highly successful businesses, utilizing the very latest tools and technologies. He also served as the CMO AAC Holdings, Griffin Technology and the American Addiction Centers. Combined across those roles, he was responsible for generating hundreds of millions in global sales.

His new company Datasys is a full-service data, analytics, and digital media solutions provider with multiple marketing channels, a vast array of proprietary data sets, and an ever-growing suite of revolutionary ad tech platforms. Datasys boasts the ability to analyze, strategize, and execute almost any customer acquisition or retention campaign by crafting marketing and digital products that are proven to grow clients’ businesses. To find out more, visit