Datasys Launches Search-N-Deploy, a Radical New Search Originated Marketing Tool

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Datasys introduces a new Search Originated Marketing Tool

Data marketing expert and Datasys CEO Adam Mittelberg has developed a brand new Search Originated Marketing (SOM) tool named Search-N-Deploy that creates a new and highly effective way to capitalize on search engine traffic across mobile devices.

Currently, SOM is limited to search optimization and paid ads on Google and other search engines. But over the past few years, Mittelberg and his team realized that consumer search queries were leading to less and less actual activity- overall clickthru rates dropped below 50% in 2019 and less than 8% on paid ads.

“Diminishing SEO and PPC returns clearly show that consumers have lost faith in search,” stated Mittelberg in a recent interview. “We created Search -N- Deploy as a third segment of search originated marketing to rebalance the scales of search.”

Seeing this huge flaw in the marketing world, Adam Mittelberg created Datasys specifically to deal with permission-based and targeted marketing options that were designed for modern online needs. These robust solutions have been tested by some of the largest advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies in the first quarter of 2020 for staggering results.

“While it’s still a little too early to publish benchmark returns, Search-N Deploy has far exceeded the SEO and PPC conversion rates for our clients,” added Mittelberg. “In some cases, their ROI’s were triple industry averages and even higher.

What makes Search-N-Deploy so powerful? It capitalizes on a proprietary algorithm that monitors search engine activity and keyword analytics in real-time. This allows clients to measure the relevance of any given search in real-time and deliver digital ads to the strongest prospects.

“Here’s a practical example- let’s say you launch an online campaign for life insurance. Over 75% of those searches will be existing customers trying to make a payment or file a claim,” shared Mittelberg. “That means 3/4ths of your marketing budget is wasted. But Search -N- Deploy can target only the users who are looking at rate quotes to eliminate that waste.”

How digital offers are deployed can vary based on each Datasys client’s actual needs. Search-N-Deploy can also offer location-based solutions for limited areas, or include far larger regional and national markets if necessary. The algorithm also allows extensive segmentation across hundreds of unique attributes, ranging from hobbies to affiliations to spending habits. Since each qualifying attribute can be measured in real-time, it gives marketers almost unlimited options to connect with their ideal clients.

For more information on how Datasys Search-N-Deploy solution has helped brands, you can review Datasys case studies to see how this revolutionary type of targeted marketing has made a difference for fitness companies, banks, auto brands, and more.