Datasys Warns Small Businesses To Stop Underestimating Data Analysis

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Intelligent marketing and data analysis consulting firm Datasys warns small businesses to avoid falling too far behind the data revolution as more companies embrace data-driven innovation and insight.

As an expert in cutting-edge data innovation, Datasys has noticed that an alarming trend- a number of small and midsize enterprises mistakenly believe that data science is not feasible for their particular business. As a result, many small businesses are falling behind their competitors and risk becoming obsolete in the eyes of consumers. Datasys recommends that all companies should be consulting with data science experts to understand industry-relevant impacts.

“As we serve our clientele and interact with others in the intelligent marketing industry, we have noticed an interesting dichotomy,” said current Datasys CEO Adam Mittelberg. “Data analysis clients typically come in two types; successful forward-thinking organizations seeking to maintain the cutting edge, and businesses desperate to catch up with the smarter operations of competitors. Increasingly, we are noticing that those playing catch-up are largely small to mid-size companies.”

This reality is especially troubling since a 2019 U.S. Small Business Association study finds that small businesses create 44% of all economic activity in the country. This unpredictability is why Datasys is committed to running a diversified company, including a database featuring more than 3 billion consumer and business records.

“What we’re seeing is an alarming divide between small and large businesses that could soon reach the point of no return,” added Mittelberg. “Consumers want to be embraced online by forward-thinking companies well before they ever walk inside their storefront, and those who don’t embrace this trend are being forgotten at an alarming rate.”

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