David Joslin of Greenwich Shares the Radiology Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

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David Joslin David Joslin

David Kent Joslin has built a successful career as a senior advisor and radiology consultant. Throughout his career, David Kent Joslin of Greenwich has partnered with leadership teams to develop competitive strategy, identify growth opportunities and pursue value-additive mergers and acquisitions. As a board member of InSight Radiology Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities, David Joslin has first-hand experience in the field of radiology. Because of his involvement in the industry, David Joslin has identified four key trends in radiology.

Friendly Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been part of radiology for a few years now, and in 2020 it will be bigger than ever. According to David Joslin of Greenwich, AI will become more accessible to operate for radiologists in 2020. Although many radiologists feared AI would cost many jobs, this is not the case. AI will integrate with radiology systems to simplify daily tasks and making the radiologist more productive. The radiology field will focus on integrating tools and apps for a seamless workflow.

Improved Analytics
Thanks to all of the data getting collected nowadays in radiology, it has been possible to have better analytics, according to David Kent Joslin of Greenwich. He also mentions that by taking a deeper dive into radiology analytics, it’s possible to improve efficiency and patient care. Tracking results and patient information give radiologists key ways to improve their work.

Increased Patient Coordination
Patient coordination will see a lot of benefits in radiology thanks to the recent technological developments. Radiologists have taken the new technologies, images, and results to better coordinate patient care, according to David Joslin.

Interoperability Data
In order to improve patient care, many scientists want to get their hands on patient images. For example, many clinical trials rely on having these images to back up their investigations. Sharing radiology data is key to technological advancements, David Joslin of Greenwich mentions.

Better Patient Experience
The main goal of radiology trends in 2020 is to improve the experience of the patient. For example, some radiology companies want to focus on making more comfortable mammograms. These mammograms will not only offer a better reading, but they will be more comfortable for the patient. Other radiologists are working hard to increase image visibility and reduce patient movement.

David Kent Joslin of Greenwich graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in history and political science before obtaining his MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia Business School. David Joslin works as a successful senior healthcare advisor when he’s not building homes with Habitat for Humanity.