David Joslin Shares Key Takeaways for Achieving Success in Radiology

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David Joslin David Joslin

As a senior executive consultant in radiology, David Kent Joslin has many years of experience working with various healthcare services, software development, and management consulting. David Kent Joslin is also a board member of InSight Radiology Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities. A successful senior advisor and radiology consultant, David Kent Joslin has put together deals for multi-million dollar companies. David Joslin explains how to succeed in the radiology industry.David Kent Joslin of Sarasota

Radiology Is Full of Surprises
David Joslin points out that the responsibilities of a radiologist vary day by day, and learning ways to deal with the unexpected is vital. David Joslin knows successful radiologists are those who are can quickly work through routine images (high productivity is essential) while retaining the acuity and focus to catch other diseases in the more difficult cases that may not have been suspected previously.

Communication Is Key
Communication is critical in Radiology because it can save someone’s life. As a successful financial advisor, David Joslin knows that the ability to communicate well on the job is necessary to succeed. For radiologists, mastering verbal and written communication skills should be a top priority. Verbal communication skills allow radiologists to share information from the patient to the physician without complication. Good written communication skills ensure radiologists are properly documenting patient history, times of exams, and other details during the consultation.

There Is More Than One Possibility
When it comes to the human body, radiologist, and anyone in the medical field know there are always multiple possibilities. Although they are trained to understand human anatomy, radiologists learn early on to look for more possibilities.

Integrity Is a Key Principle
Integrity is an essential quality for all of those who work in the medical field, according to David Joslin. Radiologists need to maintain untarnished integrity. For example, tampering with medical records or modifying patient results can have irreversible consequences for the patient. For those who work in healthcare, it often helps to treat every image or result as if they were dealing with a loved one.

David Joslin has a robust portfolio in the industry – he also served as VP of Operations and Development for RadNet, a radiology facilities operator. David Joslin graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in history and political science before obtaining his MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia Business School. He lives in Sarasota, FL, with his family.