David Kent Joslin Collaborates with Habitat for Humanity to Build a Home for a Sarasota Resident

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David Kent Joslin David Kent Joslin

Radiology Consultant, David Kent Joslin of Sarasota, collaborated with Habitat for Humanity this past fall to build a home for a Sarasota resident named Collette. “We put up zonts and zuckles to support the walls and keep them level when the concrete is poured into their insides,” David said. David Joslin and his team collaborated with Habitat for Humanity for a few weeks straight, and they had plans to go back the week that followed.

In the city of Sarasota, Habitat for Humanity is the leading provider of permanent and affordable housing for individuals who qualify. David Joslin of Sarasota feels proud to work with such a great organization that helps so many people in the community. David Joslin joined the over 717 volunteers who spent a total of 17,176 hours to make the dream of many families possible. The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to provide income-qualified individuals with the tools and an affordable mortgage to help them improve their living conditions.

At the end of the fiscal year for 2018, Habitat for Humanity Sarasota had made a difference in the lives of over 22 families. Habitat for Humanity is the leading provider of permanent and affordable housing for individuals who qualify. Habitat for Humanity wants to remove individuals, from tough housing situations, and give them a safe place to live they can call their own.

David Kent Joslin and Habitat for Humanity believe improving living situations will help families rise and finally find stability. Over 34 children have a permanent and stable home to grow up thanks to the work of Habitat for Humanity. Also, Habitat for Humanity estimates an increase of 82% from the previous year. David Joslin of Sarastoa admits this collaboration wouldn’t have been possible without a great organization such as Habitat for Humanity. All of the homes they build have green and sustainable materials, which means the homes meet environmental standards and keep the costs low for homeowners. Habitat for Humanity also provides owners with low rate mortgages, which increases the benefits.

David Joslin graduated from Duke University before pursuing an MBA from Columbia University. When he’s not building homes with Habitat for Humanity, David Kent Joslin works as a successful senior advisor. He has worked with large investment banks in major cities such as Panama City, New York, London, and Mexico City. David Joslin of Sarasota spent the last few decades putting together Mergers & Acquisitions for multi-million dollar companies. David Joslin also sits on the board of InSight Radiology Puerto Rico.