David Kent Joslin Talks About His Accomplishments in an Interview

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David Joslin Sarasota David Joslin Sarasota

David Kent Joslin is a senior executive radiology consultant – his long-standing career in radiology has helped him orchestrate mergers and acquisitions, strategy and development, partnerships, de novo projects, and more. In this interview, David Joslin shares facts more on his accomplishments.
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How did your career get started?

“I graduated in 1993 from Duke University with a degree in history and political science. After I got my degree, I was lucky enough to get a job in Mexico City as a strategy management consultant for a leading media and telecom company. After working in several positions over the years, I decided it was time to continue my education. I enrolled in Columbia Business School in New York and obtained an MBA in 2001,” explained David Kent Joslin.

Where else in the world has your career taken you?

“After I spent a few years honing my skills and growing my network in Mexico City, I moved to London in 1996. While in London, I worked as a financial analyst for an international investment banking firm. I also had an opportunity to do an internship in Panama City, Panama. Of course, I’ve also had the pleasure of breaking through in one of the toughest markets, New York City,” said David Joslin.

How did you get started in Radiology?

“In my career in investment banking, I had the opportunity to work on healthcare investment portfolios, which opened the door for new opportunities. In 2002, I had the opportunity to serve a co-founder and as a strategy and operations executive for InSight Radiology, a chain of outpatient radiology facilities in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Although I remained a board chair for Insight Radiology, in 2016, I served as vice president of operations and development at RadNet, where I managed operations for 17 radiology centers in New Jersey,” David Kent Joslin said.

At Alliance Healthcare Services, you led a mergers and acquisitions group and completed five transactions in value of $105 million. How do mergers and acquisitions help patients?

“Sometimes, small medical facilities don’t have the resources to stay afloat. When mergers take place, it guarantees the survival and growth of smaller hospitals, which serve less populated communities. When a merger takes place, it usually means lower costs for patients. According to the American Hospital Association, healthcare mergers accounted for a 2.5 percent cost reduction between 2009 and 2014, which saved healthcare centers and patients a total of $5.8 million,” David Joslin explained.

Do you perform charity work?

“Yes, I collaborate with my local Habitat for Humanity Chapter in Sarasota. During my most recent collaboration, we were able to build a home for a woman named Collette. I have more projects planned with Habitat for Humanity in the future,” said David Kent Joslin.

Since settling in Sarasota with his family, David Joslin loves to spend his free time playing golf and cycling outdoors.