David Lesperance Attorney Explains Lineage Citizenship

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David Lesperance Attorney Explains Lineage Citizenship David Lesperance Attorney Explains Lineage Citizenship

When it comes to U.S. immigration and emigration, you’re most likely to hear data and stories about people coming into the States from abroad, most often from developing nations or those in a state of conflict. Less is said, however, about American-born individuals and families who leave the U.S. In fact, the U.S. State Department does not officially track such numbers. But according to Gallup, the number of people emigrating from the U.S. or wanting to leave has been increasing for years with many seeking lineage citizenship. David Lesperance, a well-respected immigration attorney who specializes in dual citizenship, second passports and renouncing U.S. citizenship, explains lineage citizenship, or citizenship-by-ancestry, is one of the easiest ways to acquire a second passport or dual citizenship for those who qualify.

David Lesperance attorney explained that lineage citizenship is offered by several countries around the globe. It essentially encourages people with documented roots in that nation to return to their ancestral homeland to contribute to the culture and economy of their people. Some countries that offer citizenship-by-ancestry include Ireland, Poland, the Philippines, India, Israel, Italy, France, Australia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Turkey, and South Africa. Although each of these countries has its own rules and eligibility requirements, generally speaking, one must have a parent who was born in the country to qualify for dual citizenship or citizenship-by-ancestry. However, as David Lesperance the attorney noted, some countries, including Ireland, allow for citizenship-by-ancestry if a grandparent was born in the nation.

Now based in Sopot, Poland, David Lesperance was born and raised in Canada. He graduated from the University of Windsor and the University of Saskatchewan Law School (while working as a Canadian border official). This position provided him with a unique perspective on U.S. and Canadian emigration and immigration policies and practices and inspired him to pursue a legal career specializing in international tax law and immigration.

A member of the Ontario Bar from 1989 to 2017 and current Managing Partner at Lesperance & Associates, he has spent the last three decades traveling the world helping numerous individuals and families obtain second passports and dual citizenship, with a particular focus on assisting American-based and international high net worth clients in Europe and Asia. David Lesperance also co-authored the book “Flight of the Golden Geese: How the 1% Matter to the 99%” with London School of Economics Professor Emeritus, Ian Angell.

“I did my first US expatriation in 1990 and since then have helped hundreds of high net worth entrepreneurs and executives plan and organize their citizenships, residency, and domiciles in order to properly minimize their taxes, preserve their wealth, ensure business continuity and improve their family’s lifestyle,” David Lesperance attorney said via Quora regarding his work as an expert in second citizenship and renouncing American citizenship.

Find more information about David Lesperance attorney and his practice here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidslesperance/ or follow him on Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/David-S-Lesperance.