David Lesperance Immigration Attorney Advises to First Determine Your Needs When Considering Expatriation

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David Lesperance Immigration Attorney Advises to First Determine Your Needs When Considering Expatriation David Lesperance Immigration Attorney Advises to First Determine Your Needs When Considering Expatriation

Many a great tale starts with a hero or heroine leaving home in search of something, whether it’s an adventure, self-discovery, a long-lost loved one, or a better life. While the story is as old as time, people’s reasons for expatriating and the means by which they do so have evolved significantly. It’s no longer as simple as packing your bags, hopping aboard a ship, and setting up shop in your new locale. Likewise, as the world has become more complex, so too have people’s needs and desires. David Lesperance, a respected immigration attorney, explains the importance of determining your needs before you start searching for immigration solutions.

The U.S. state department does not officially track the number of people who expatriate each year. However, according to Gallup, the number of people emigrating from the U.S. or wanting to leave has increased in recent years. Many of these individuals seek either lineage citizenship, a golden visa, or second passports, all of which may be options depending on the person’s particular needs and circumstances.

David Lesperance, attorney and managing director at Lesperance and Associates, says taking a thorough and honest look at your lifestyle, budget, and needs is essential before you can determine the best course of action for your future.

“Looking at solutions before you determine your needs guarantees failure,” David Lesperance lawyer said.

Some questions he suggests asking before you research dual citizenship or citizenship renunciation options include:

  1. Are there only two adults in your family? Any children?
  2. If you plan to work, how do you plan to find a job? Or, if you own your own business, does your initial and on-going success depend upon your being physically close to your clients? How would your business translate to the culture and economy of your new location?
  3. Is the activity in which you work regulated (e.g. law, accounting, etc.)? If yes, does licensing require you to be a resident in a particular jurisdiction?
  4. Given your professional requirements and your personal preferences, which countries or parts of the world would you be happy to live in and what is the cost of living in them?
  5. What would be your “burn rate” for living expenses including the cost of living calculated in #4)? What after-tax dollars would you need to maintain this lifestyle?
  6. Are there any conditions or pre-conditions which would exclude you from acquiring health insurance in your destination of choice?
  7. If you have children, what are their education and other special needs?

Once you’ve answered these questions, David Lesperance lawyer said you should speak with a qualified and experienced immigration attorney …. not a second passport salesman…to determine your best course of action.

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Now based in Sopot, Poland, David Lesperance attorney hails from Canada, where he attended and graduated from the University of Western Ontario, University of Windsor, and the University of Saskatchewan while working as a Canadian border official. In this position, David Lesperance gained a unique perspective on U.S. and Canadian emigration and immigration policies and practices, as well as a deep understanding of the motivations of wealthy individuals seeking entry or exit from these countries. This inspired him to pursue a law career specializing in international tax and immigration. Over the past three decades, David Lesperance has helped numerous individuals and families obtain second and dual citizenship, with a particular focus on assisting high net worth clients

In addition to his law and tax practice, David Lesperance lawyer co-authored the book “Flight of the Golden Geese: How the 1% Matter to the 99%” with the London School of Economics Professor Emeritus, Ian Angell. David Lesperance is also a Top Writer on Quora, where he offers his advice and input to those seeking reliable answers to tax and immigration queries.

Find more information about David Lesperance and his practice here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidslesperance/ or follow him on Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/David-S-Lesperance