David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico Top Contender for Superintendent

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David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico

With more than 25 years of experience, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

Top educator and principal, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico, is in the running to lead a progressive school district as superintendent. He has worked as an administrator, teacher, and coach across the United States, and brings an abundance of knowledge related to the education field. He firmly believes all teachers and students can be successful when provided with proper instruction and guidance according to their needs.

David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico states, “All people involved in a student’s education are connected to increase student achievement and help guide the students in being productive citizens prepared for the post-secondary world.”

Three areas of expertise make David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico stand out from other contenders. He is committed to high levels of learning for all students. In the past, he implemented new strategies for those with unique learning styles. David Lougee also encourages a collaborative culture amongst teachers, students, and staff members to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Lastly, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico monitors assessment results closely. He uses data to improve all areas of education. 

As a previous teacher and administrator for grades K-12, David Lougee has first-hand experience in the classroom and school system. A superintendent should know the ins and outs of all roles in a school when making informed final decisions. Excellent communication skills also come into play when working closely with the school board, central staff, and new hires. A summary of David Lougee’ s impressive accomplishments, training, and programming as an instruction facilitator are listed below.

  • Trained for using formative assessments in the classroom. Experience training and evaluating teachers in the classroom using the guide of criteria and goal with students, observations, questioning, and peer assessments. 
  • Observed and evaluated elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. Evaluated support staff, custodial, transportation, and maintenance personnel. 
  • Trained on 21st Century Learning by Lee Crockett.
  • Written staff plans of improvement and focused on development with clear goals and objectives in mind.
  • Implemented transitional teams to help ease the transition of students from elementary to the next levels.
  • Trained by Michael Fullan, Leading a Culture of Change. The training consisted of a cohort of administrators and teachers from the Haines Borough School District. They were trained in creating a school environment that positively implemented changes in the daily routines, curriculum, and the overall vision of the school.
  • Advised on the adoption of a new curriculum at all levels.
  • Attended Todd Whitaker workshops about “Dealing with Difficult Teachers.”  This workshop was about promoting the positives and creating a student-centered positive learning environment.