David Lougee Recognized as Top Educator in Alaska

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David Lougee Top Educator in Alaska David Lougee Top Educator in Alaska

David Lougee Silver City New MexicoWith more than 25 years of experience in education, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico, has worked as an administrator, teacher, and coach across the United States. His diverse portfolio makes it easy to recognize his broad skill set, which has led to his success today. Throughout his prosperous career, David Lougee has exceeded expectations and taken on numerous opportunities for advancement.

Before his current role as Middle and High School Principal at Chevak in Alaska, David Lougee worked as an Elementary School Principal, High School Principal, and Classroom Teacher. He also impacted lives by working at St. Joseph’s Children’s Home as a family teacher for at-risk youth, where he modeled positive behaviors for students placed at a state group home. David Lougee also served in the U.S. Army as a coordinator of military personnel in and out of various countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, South Korea, Europe, and Alaska.

Each role contributes to David Lougee’s impressive set of professional skills, which range from effective communication to grant writing and budget planning. Working with students, parents, teachers, and other administrative staff members require sound judgment when handling confidential information and sensitive situations. David Lougee is also known to incorporate current, research-based practices when implementing changes in curriculum and behavioral plans. His organizational skills are also in high demand, as schools need to establish a consistent and effective year-round schedule.

As a natural leader, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico has trained in project-based learning, parental involvement and communication, and in the transformation and turnaround school improvement models. He has also trained in athletic and activity programs by analyzing needs and providing school funding. In addition, he has assessed student growth by using data analytics to monitor overall school progress. David Lougee also understands FAFSA, scholarship learning, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, ACT, and more.

David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is not only a top-notch professional in the workforce, but he also genuinely cares about the students in his care. He aims to provide a safe environment that suits each child’s specific learning style.
“I am a firm believer that all students can learn when provided instruction that meets their individual needs,” said David Lougee.

As a dedicated lifelong learner himself, David Lougee understands what it takes for a student to be set up for success. He plans to pursue his dream of leading a progressive school district as superintendent, where individualized student achievement and academic success promotes well-rounded and life-long student learners.