David Lougee Shares 5 Reasons to Try Camping

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Avid outdoorsman, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico, shares the delightful health benefits of camping outdoors.

Cooking s’mores over an open fire and hiking through the woods is an excellent way to have fun and stay busy over the weekend. Depending on the location, camping can provide a plethora of additional activities, including kayaking, star gazing, grilling food, fishing, and more. People also love camping because it gives them a reason to travel around the country, often at a cheaper price point. 

Many fail to realize the fantastic health benefits that go along with camping, however. David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico explains the hidden benefits you could get out of your next camping trip.

Stress Relief

Spending time away from civilization and technology can provide much-needed stress relief. Ditch your phone and computer for some lush scenery, quiet environments, and peace of mind. David Lougee explains that spending too much time on technological devices may lead to an increase in anxiety. Surrounding yourself with green space can help reduce stress, depression, and PTSD significantly. 

Additionally, studies have shown that sleeping outside can lead to a better night’s sleep, thanks to nature, which resets your biological clock. Camping can help your body sync back to a healthy pattern of going to sleep with sunset and rising for sunrise. Artificial light from TVs and smartphones can alter your natural circadian clock, leading to stress from sleep deprivation. 


Hiking and exploring are not only fun but also great exercise. Whether you’re taking in the views of a national park or just walking around the campgrounds, your body will burn extra calories and appreciate the fresh air. You don’t need to overexert yourself by climbing up a mountain or going on a ten-mile bike ride if you aren’t accustomed to it. David Lougee recommends starting with casual exercises like cutting firewood, setting up the tent, and taking your dog for long walks.


Don’t forget to enjoy quality time socializing with family and friends! Spending one on one time can be rare in today’s modern world. David Lougee explains that although people are more connected than ever before through social media, texting, and the internet, we often miss out on feeling real, enriching connections. 

About David Lougee:

David Lougee has worked as an administrator, teacher, and coach across the United States. His diverse portfolio makes it easy to recognize his broad skill set, which has led to his success today.

David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico plans to pursue his dream of leading a progressive school district as superintendent, where individualized student achievement and academic success promotes well-rounded and life-long student learners. He firmly believes all students can learn when provided with instruction that meets their individual needs.

In his spare time, David Lougee pursues his passion for the outdoors. He enjoys fly fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife. They share two sons and grandsons.