David Walsh Discusses Disruption and Innovation Across Range of Technology-Driven Markets

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David Walsh David Walsh

Technology expert David Walsh reflects on more than 30 years of highly successful industry-wide innovation and disruption.

A proven leader, successfully building, scaling, and selling companies from start-ups to global enterprises during more than three decades in business, David Walsh has established himself as a disruptor and innovator across an incredibly broad range of technology-driven markets. Combining his vision and operational expertise, Walsh, speaking from his office in Bronxville, New York, discusses more than 30 years of professional success.

“From start-ups to global enterprises, I’ve so far generated more than $3.75 billion of cumulative gain for investors and management teams by combining my vision and operational expertise,” reveals Walsh, who has an almost unparalleled track record of organically and inorganically growing businesses, both private and public. He has, he says, during his three-decade career, gained an in-depth knowledge of the capital markets, including private equity, venture capital, bankruptcy and restructuring, and turnarounds.

Perhaps most notably, however, Walsh has, throughout his professional life, played numerous key roles in the development of various so-called transformational technologies. “I was first to build an automated trading system, or ATS, which used real-time market data and analytics to perform calculations which quickly transformed how money markets were traded,” David Walsh explains.

By identifying the unique networking requirements of financial traders, he was, he says, also able to create the first financial industry extranet. “This financial industry extranet created a community that connected more than 2,000 trading floors globally,” reveals Walsh.

David Walsh was also the first person to create a multi-tenant white-label CPaaS platform which would later be adopted by AT&T and IBM.

Bronxville-based Walsh started his career as a technology expert on Wall Street, quickly moving up the ranks as the networking and software systems of the era were rapidly evolving. “In an early role at Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corp., I managed all aspects of trading floor technology from 1985 until 1988,” he explains. It was during this time that Walsh was instrumental in developing and implementing solutions that helped propel DBL Trading Corp to the market leader in commodities trading.

He would soon be recruited by Garban & Garvin Guybutler where he used his understanding of financial markets and technology to be the first to automate the brokering of SWAPs and Future Rate Agreements “GRA’s). Based on his reputation for transforming markets through the use of technology he was hired by the NYMEX, COMEX, CSC and NYCE’s to rebuild their technology infrastructure as part of their new HQ’s project.

In 1993, co-founding Voyager Networks, and, in 1995, drawing upon his background in applying disruptive technology into the financial trading markets to establish IXNET. “It was IXNET,” Walsh points out, “that was responsible for the aforementioned world’s first global financial extranet”, which went public in 1997 on the Nasdaq and was sold to Global Crossing in 1999 where he became and COO through 2001 when he left to join Dick Cashin and a small group of partners to form the private equity firm One Equity Partners “OEP”. Across the more-than-ten-years which followed, the technology expert was responsible for over $2 billion in deals.

In 2014, as part of GENBAND an OEP portfolio company , Walsh then co-founded Kandy. “It was here that I envisioned a market need for a multi-tenant CPaaS platform which in now being used by AT&T and IBM,” he reveals.

Walsh was responsible for orchestrating the merger of GENBAND with public company Sonus in 2017 to form Ribbon Communications, creating the market leader In Real Time Communications.

During his decades-long career, Walsh has also served as chairman of companies including IXNET, Telerate, Ñetas, Vercuity, and Westcom. He is currently serving on the boards of Pax8, Mintus, and Realm Financial Group and involved with several technology businesses in the crypto, Cloud and networking space.

In his free time, New York University and Valdosta State University graduate David Walsh, who lives with his wife and three children in Bronxville, New York, enjoys running and cycling. “As a competitive runner and cyclist,” he adds, wrapping up, “I still enjoy competing.”