Day Hagan Asset Management Group Delivers Monthly Webinars and Market Updates on Company Website

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Day Hagan Asset Management Day Hagan Asset Management

Sarasota-based Day Hagan Asset Management relies on quantitative decision making processes to guide clients’ portfolio allocations. Each month, the group records proprietary webinars on their website to help keep clients and interested listeners informed of the most recent major market influences and their potential market impact.

In 2006, Donald Hagan joined with professionals Linda S. Brown and Arthur S. Day to form Day Hagan Asset Management, which seeks to quantitatively approach clients’ asset portfolios through a multi-faceted investing discipline. In this way, they approach the market with insightful projections and unemotional understanding to deliver a risk-managed experience to their clients.

The company that Donald Hagan began years before changed its name from Donald L. Hagan, LLC, to Day Hagan Asset Management to represent the merging of the three professionals. Mr. Hagan began his investment career with Ned Davis Research (NDR) in 1988, while Mr. Day started in 1984 with Dean Witter Reynolds. Ms. Brown began her career in 1982 with Merrill Lynch.

While there are plenty of asset management groups available today, Day Hagan Asset Management has earned their reputation based on their philosophy to always keep their clients’ interests first. This individualized approach to asset management allows them to form tailored solutions. Using real-world projections and tactical management, they seek to provide a positive risk-adjusted portfolio, while avoiding typical buy-and-hold strategies. Their efforts are carefully designed to reduce portfolio risk as economic indicators and fundamental indicators decline while increasing exposure as the equity environment improves.

In addition to the management solutions offered at Day Hagan Asset Management, the group provides monthly webinars and weekly written updates to their clients and readers, helping them stay informed of market changes. Each month, the management group releases a Technical Analysis Tuesday Webinar in addition to other updates where industry professionals approach topics like supply-demand relationships of the fixed income and currency and commodity markets, among others. While those interested in learning about the topics can view live webinars, the asset group posts video recaps of the events on their website. In their presentations, market professionals serve as guest speakers and presenters who keep audiences well informed of any notable market fluctuations and share their professional advice for asset management.

In addition to the Technical Analysis Tuesday Webinar, Day Hagan also provides a Market Update Webinar with topics varying each month. Past topics included current financial events, monthly asset allocation, the different indicators that led to that allocation, and what the indicators are telling the management group about current financial markets. The group also releases content on helpful subjects like company strategy updates and insightful financial advice from pioneers in the field.