Dealership Owner Rodin Younessi Donates Multiple Motorcycles to Support Charities and Local Law Enforcement

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Rodin Younessi Support Charities and Local Law Enforcement Rodin Younessi Support Charities and Local Law Enforcement

Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi

Racecar driver and motorsports aficionado Rodin Younessi continues his legacy by owning and operating some of the most high-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. Supportive of his local community, Mr. Younessi offers his dealerships as charity event spaces and donates vehicles to support important causes.

Though Rodin Younessi began his professional career in computer science and eventually law, he always held tight to his passion for motorsports. He earned dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science before steering his career towards law, and he received a degree as well as his Juris Doctorate before being inducted into the Florida and Federal bar.

His love of motorsports kept him involved in various racing competitions growing up, where he drove motorcycles and cars before eventually moving on to high-performance vehicles (such as the McLaren MP4-12C GT3). After he had made a name for himself in his law career, Rodin Younessi purchased a local Lamborghini dealership and later invested in a series of some of the highest-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in America. Today, he’s the proud owner of Space Coast Harley-Davidson, Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson, Raging Bull Harley-Davidson of Durham, North Carolina, Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson of Georgia, and the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim in Fullerton, California.

It’s through his Harley-Davidson dealerships that Rodin Younessi conducts the majority of his charitable work. Mr. Younessi and the dedicated team at Space Coast Harley-Davidson recently donated a retrofitted motorcycle to local law enforcement officials specifically designed for their agency. The motorcycle will be used to help protect the community by serving as a regular patrol vehicle in law enforcement fleets. It will also function in parades or at events as a static display to showcase the relationships between law officials and the local community.

Earlier this year, Rodin Younessi and the same team at Space Coast Harley-Davidson donated a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer charity as an auction piece. The motorcycle’s sale helped increase awareness of the breast cancer charity and raised funds for further research to help end the disease. Mr. Younessi’s contributions were noted as one of the highest benefactors involved at the charity.

In the past, Rodin Younessi has opened the doors to his dealerships as community and charity event spaces while charging the groups nothing to host there. Mr. Younessi most recently offered his Space Coast dealership to the SOAKed for Autism event that helped to raise both awareness about autism and funds for the SOAK (Supporting Our ASD kids, Inc.) organization. Hundreds gathered for the occasion and helped increase the organization’s reach in addition to donating funds to their cause.

In 2006, Rodin Younessi was knighted and given the title of Chevalier by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller in recognition of his various charitable contributions. Even though he stays extremely busy across many investments and projects, Mr. Younessi consistently does what he can to support charities and his local community.