Dealership Success to Give Back to Charities and Local Groups with Rodin Younessi

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Rodin Younessi Uses Dealership Success to Give Back to Charities and Local Groups

Professional racer Rodin Younessi is a world-renowned driver whose passion for motorsports led him to purchase some of the most high-volume dealerships in the country. Through his successes, he has always kept his local communities in mind and supports them through regular donations and events.



When Rodin Younessi began his career in law, he retained his longtime passion for motorsports and racing and would revisit it later professionally. At an early age, he experimented in motorcycle racing before moving on to more high-end vehicles in prominent races (eventually landing behind the wheel of world-class cars such as the McLaren MP4-12C GT3).


Rodin Younessi went on to compete in the USF2000 National Championship in the series National Class and raced in the F2000 Championship Series. He also earned a spot in the 2012 ALMS Grand Prix of Baltimore driving a Performance Tech Prototype Challenge Car. He’s made a major name for himself in international competitions and has appeared in some of the biggest races in the world, such as the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series.




In his professional career, Rodin Younessi has invested in a Lamborghini dealership in southern Florida as well as a series of the highest-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. He’s an avid supporter of positive outreaches and does his part to give back to his local community through donations and by hosting events at his dealerships.


Within a year of purchasing the Space Coast Harley-Davidson, Rodin Younessi opened his dealership doors for charities to use as an event space––and he offered his dealership at no cost to them. One of the most successful events hosted at his dealership in recent years was the SOAKed for Autism event that raised both awareness of autism and monetary donations for the SOAK (Supporting Our ASD Kids, Inc.) organization. His efforts helped SOAK share their mission, gain new funding, and spread awareness to the local Space Coast community.



Recently, Rodin Younessi donated one of his brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer charity. The motorcycle was presented at the charity’s auction and set up for sale (raising funds that would further research and treatment for breast cancer). Mr. Younessi’s motorcycle donation was recognized by the chair of the auction, former US Ambassador Nancy Brinker, as one of the highest benefactors of the whole charity.


Mr. Younessi has also supported local law enforcement groups with similar donations. He donated a retrofitted motorcycle designed specifically for their agency by Rodin Younessi and his team at the Space Coast location. The motorcycle will function as a regular patrol vehicle in the fleet, but also serve as a branded static model for events and charities.



Rodin Younessi has found wide success in many ventures, but he’s careful to channel his successes in positive directions and to uplift local charities and law enforcement groups the best way he can.