Delicious Food That Will Make Your Picky Two-Year-Old Eat a Whole Carrot!

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When I say delicious food, I’m not just talking about the usual fare you can find at the local Chinese restaurant. I’m talking about foods that can make even a picky two-year-old eat a whole carrot! You’ve heard of chicken Piri-Piri, pierogi, and pasties. But what about those stinky tofu things?


Pastries are a delicious food ideal for a quick snack, but they can also be served for a full meal with the right side dish. They are a great alternative to hamburgers, and you can also use different fillings, such as beef or vegetables. Pastries are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Pierogi is a classic Polish food, and there are many different ways to make it. Traditional pierogi fillings are potato and soft cheese, but you can add ground meat, sauerkraut, or fried onions. These tasty dumplings are also sometimes stuffed with fresh fruit. To make these savory treats even better, add stoned prunes or sweetened quarks to the dough before cooking.

Chicken Piri-Piri

Chicken Piri-Piri is a spicy chicken recipe that’s perfect for the heat-seeking food lover. This recipe calls for two chilies to be chopped roughly and added to a food processor or mortar. Next, they should be roasted or ground into a fine puree. After that, they should be seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Some people also add sugar or port.

Smelly tofu

Stinky tofu is a type of fermented tofu. Some people find the smell repulsive, but it’s quite delicious! The dish is made in the Chinese province of Sichuan. The tofu is cooked with a spice mixture called mala seasoning. The spice mixture is made with chilis and Sichuan peppercorns. It gets its name from the Chinese characters ma and la, numbing and spicy. This combination creates a spicy, tingling sensation in the mouth.


Tofu is a versatile food that can be prepared in several different ways. One of the most common ways to cook it is to marinate it in the sauce. This will help the flavor penetrate the tofu. You can also add seasonings or spices to the tofu to improve its flavor. Sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, and chili powder are excellent choices to add flavor to tofu.


Grapes are a very versatile fruit that can be eaten as a snack or used in many different recipes. You can add them to oatmeal or overnight oats, put them in salads, or even make chutney or salsa out of them. They can be roasted or baked, but roasting is the best way to enjoy them. They go well with chicken and can be added to many desserts, from pies to ice cream.

Tofu soup

Tofu is a very versatile food, and there are many varieties. You can buy firm, extra-firm, or silken varieties. Each has different textures and properties, which can alter the taste of the soup. Firm tofu won’t crumble or break during cooking, while soft tofu is more delicate. Both types are good for soups. Firm tofu contains B vitamins and minerals, while silken tofu has more fat and protein.


Elk is lean meat and has a mild flavor. It pairs well with almost anything. You can serve elk steaks on their own or add them to a stew. You can use the traditional foods of the elk’s native region to enhance the flavor. For example, the tribes of the plains used to prepare Pemmican, a mixture of dried berries and animal fat. You can also add berries to your elk steak.

Elk cheese

Elk cheese can be used as a chili topping. Because the meat is lean, it may be cooked slowly for a tasty and nutritious supper. It’s a terrific substitute for conventional chili when mixed with fresh tomatoes and full-fat sour cream. Don’t forget to finish with a wine deglaze to add dimension to the dish.

Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges are a wonderful side dish. You can prepare them at home with just a few simple steps. First, peel the sweet potato and cut it into wedges. After that, toss it with salt, rosemary, crushed garlic, and olive oil. After that, arrange the wedges on a baking sheet in one layer. Bake the wedges at 400 degrees F for about 30 minutes. While baking, you can sprinkle with additional salt or parsley if you wish.