Denise Gibbs Helps Seniors Live Happy Lives in Assisted Living

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Denise Gibbs Modesto Denise Gibbs Modesto

Denise Gibbs of Modesto, CA obtained her administrator’s license for seniors so she can help them live better lives in assisted living


 There are over 800,000 Americans living in assisted living. Over half (52 percent) are over the age of 85. Most residents only need help with a few daily living activities such as walking and bathing. Many do not need 24/7 skilled nursing care, though many do suffer from health issues such as high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease.

Denise Gibbs

The United States is projected to see a 20 percent of its population age 65 and over by 2030. That’s millions of people! This means the importance of senior living options is becoming more important than ever.

“Senior care is highly important in this country,” said Denise Gibbs of Modesto. “I take pride in helping people in need live healthy lives in safe, well-maintained and effective assisted living facilities.”

Denise Gibbs has 30 years of experience in human resources and social work and has helped a countless number of people better their lives all from underserved populations including low-income families, seniors, victims of domestic violence, and those incarcerated for non-violent crimes.

Denise Gibbs of Modesto has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work from Chico State University, a Human Resources Certificate from the University of the Pacific, and is licensed in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), Community Care.

As a licensed Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly person, Denise Gibbs of Modesto monitors residential care facilities for the elderly and continuing care retirement communities. The core mission of this program is to optimize the health, safety, and quality of life of adults in community care facilities through the administration of an effective, collaborative, and regulatory enforcement system that emphasizes harm prevention and proper and timely compliance.

In 2017, she won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for her dedication to senior healthcare. She has led the development of handbooks, policies, and procedures for a number of non-profit agencies and has ensured compliance adherence at a local, state, and federal level.

About Denise Gibbs of Modesto

Denise Gibbs has a background in management and human resources for 30 years with experience in overseeing staff in multiple locations at a time. Throughout the years, Denise Gibbs of Modesto has developed personnel handbooks as well as policies and procedures for non-profit agencies. Denise Gibbs has provided audits for local, state and federal government agencies. She has dedicated her life to working with those in need, such as low-income families, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and has advocated for those incarcerated.She is also a dedicated wife for 32 years.