Denise Gibbs Helps the Post-Incarcerated Population Learn Vital Job Skills

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Denise Gibbs Helps the Post Incarcerated Population Learn Vital Job Skills Denise Gibbs Helps the Post Incarcerated Population Learn Vital Job Skills

A 30-year veteran in social work, Denise Gibbs has dedicated her life’s work to helping underserved populations including low-income families, seniors, victims of domestic violence, and those incarcerated for non-violent crimes.

“I take pride in advocating for individuals or groups of people that don’t have a voice,” said Denise Gibbs. “My strength and passion is serving those in need.”

Denise Gibbs particularly takes pride in her involvement in development of new training programming for post-incarcerated individuals that are a part of the AB 109 program. AB 109 is a public safety legislation in California that allows for current non-violent, non-serious, and non-sex offenders, who after they are released from California State prison, to be supervised at the local County level. AB 109 participants enroll in and complete an 18-month job skills training program that includes vocational training and post-secondary education.

As an AB 109 specialist, Gibbs helped non-violent post-incarcerated individuals overcome barriers preventing them from securing and maintaining employment. Denise Gibbs’ work was essential to the success of the Bridge Academy, where she dedicated herself to creating positive relationships, as well as motivating, developing, and strengthening the skills of program participants.

“The AB 109 specialist position allowed me to work closely with the community, connecting participants with supportive neighbors and church leaders so they could develop a real support network and accountability. Relationships are essential to creating a positive path to employment and reintegration. Individuals are more motivated in their job training, in maintaining employment, and in helping others in similar situations,” said Gibbs.

About Denise Gibbs

Denise Gibbs has a background in management and human resources for 30 years with experience in overseeing staff in multiple locations at a time. Throughout the years, Denise Gibbs has developed personnel handbooks as well as policies and procedures for non-profit agencies. Denise Gibbs has provided audits for local, state and federal government agencies. She has dedicated her life to working with those in need, such as low-income families, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and has advocated for those incarcerated. Denise Gibbs is also a dedicated wife for 32 years.