Denise Gibbs Lists Three Reasons Why Social Work is Crucial to Today’s Society

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Denise Gibbs Denise Gibbs

Denise Gibbs of Riverbank, CA has over 30 years of experience in social work and has helped people from every walk of life.


The profession of social work focuses on helping individuals, families, groups of people, and entire communities enhance their individual and collective well-being. Social work aims to help thousands of people develop skills and abilities to resolve their own problems and enhance their lives.

Denise Gibbs

However, not many people understand the importance of social work or what it actually entails. Here are three main reasons why communities need social workers.

40 Million Americans are Impoverished

According to the Census Bureau, 12% of Americans live in poverty based on 2017 records. People living in poverty need social workers to help overcome challenges of homelessness, poor health, and unemployment. Social workers can also help make headways in social justice and policy solutions to help make it easier to lift people out of poverty.

10 Million Americans Struggle with Mental Illness

Mental illness is highly prevalent in America. One-half of all chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14. Social workers are crucial to providing services to people who struggle with anxiety, substance abuse, psychoses, mood disorders, and others. Again, social workers are at the forefront of the mental illness epidemic and have the hands-on experience needed to educate the general population on mental health warning signs, confront policies that enable more services, as well as help remove stigmas associated with mental illness.

Child Neglect is Still Strong

According to, loses between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. Social workers provide important services to abused and neglected children. They help families and work to address public policy issues that can increase the risk of abuse and neglect.

“Essentially, social work is here to help serve the basic needs of all people, and aims to empower people who are oppressed, vulnerable, and living in poverty,” said Denise Gibbs. “This includes underserved populations such as low-income families, seniors, victims of domestic violence, and those incarcerated for non-violent crimes. Social work is extremely important to today’s society and I am proud to serve my community.”

Gibbs encourages anyone who has a calling to help underserved populations to follow that passion. “It is an extremely rewarding experience,” she said.

About Denise Gibbs

Denise Gibbs has a background in management and human resources for 30 years with experience in overseeing staff in multiple locations at a time. Throughout the years, Denise Gibbs has developed personnel handbooks as well as policies and procedures for non-profit agencies. Denise has provided audits for local, state and federal government agencies. She has dedicated her life to working with those in need, such as low-income families, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and has advocated for those incarcerated. Denise Gibbs is also a dedicated wife for 32 years.