Dennis Begos Loves Giving Back To Those In Need

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Dennis Begos Dennis Begos Loves Giving Back To Those In Need Dennis Begos Dennis Begos Loves Giving Back To Those In Need
Dennis Begos enjoys giving back to the community. As a doctor, Dennis Begos MD is in a unique position to use his years of education and special set skills to give back to those who need it most. As he explains, “Many doctors and dentists commit their time to programs like Doctors Without Borders, iHelp Globally, and Vida Volunteer and I loudly applaud them. Helping people no matter where you are is something we should all take part in. However, right here in the United States of America, there are many people struggling to make ends meet as well.”

That is why Dennis Begos chose the Lazarus House, to help people within his own community. The Lazarus House opened in 1983 and since their inauguration, they have been helping many people break the vicious cycle of poverty in the Merrimack Valley. By helping those in need with food, clothing, shelter, and jobs, the Lazarus House is seeking to change the community they hold so dear.

As Dennis Begos says, “There are a multitude of ways for everyday people to make a difference. You don’t have to be a doctor to donate clothes, toys, even food to causes that make tremendous amounts of difference within people’s lives.” The Lazarus House runs on less than 1% from government funding. They stand as a great example of how people can help people without large government budgets or giant philanthropic endeavors.

Dennis Begos MD really appreciates how the Lazarus House provides the less advantaged with skills and resources to help them become self-reliant. Too often, citizens in need are given money with the expectation that it will solve their problems. Unfortunately, money doesn’t always bring happiness and it doesn’t magically turn people’s lives around. Providing people with education, support, and simple understanding often can go further than simply a check.

“I love working with The Lazarus House, from their social services to their various charity events, I feel they have done a fantastic job of finding creative ways to help people who genuinely need it,” asserts Dennis Begos MD. Since the Lazarus House essentially operates without government aid, charity events, gala auctions, third-party events are crucial to their continual operation.

Whether it’s with the Lazarus House or another charity near you, please take some time, do some research, and find a charity near you. You’ll be amazed at how awesome giving back feels. “I’ve been working with the Lazarus House for years and every single time I feel empowered by being able to help people. “I, Dennis Begos MD, implore you to do the same!”