Dentist Frank Roach of Atlanta Shares Professional Tips for Keeping Teeth Clean Between Visits

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Dr Frank Roach Dr Frank Roach

One of Atlanta’s premiere dentists, Frank Roach has been a leader and champion for improved dental equipment and modern procedures among his peers. Here, he shares with readers a few tips to help keep teeth clean and healthy between dentist visits, and to help avoid major dental procedures in the future.  


Dr. Frank Roach has been practicing dentistry since 1998 and has crafted a reputation for state-of-the-art procedures and dedicated care among his Atlanta patients.  Over those 20 years he has constantly stayed at the head of his profession by using the latest techniques, materials, and technology available.  He takes great pride in providing the best care possible, and he educates readers on maximizing dental health between doctor visits below.


“So many troubles and procedures could be avoided if people understood how to properly care for their teeth at home,” says Frank Roach. “I like to share some helpful tips with my patients before they leave the office to make sure they’re doing all they can between visits.”


Avoid Acidic Foods, or Eat Them Only with Meals


Although they are healthy, foods like oranges, lemons, and limes have a high acid content which can eat away at your teeth. Pickles, tomatoes, and tomato products are other notorious foods with high acid to potentially avoid for optimal health. If you do eat these foods, try to eat them in a meal so they’re blended in with other ingredients and have less immediate contact with your teeth. 


Avoid Over-the-Counter Whitening Kits


“Some whitening kits are safe to use on teeth, but only a few,” says Frank Roach. “You should always talk with your dentist about in-office or take-home products that are certified by official medical groups.”


Patients can undergo whitening treatments like GLO either in-office or at home by purchasing supplies through a suggested retailer or right in the offices. 


Use Toothpaste that Strengthens Enamel 


Besides acidic foods, plenty of other things we eat and drink regularly eat away at the enamel (or the protective coating) on the outer layer of our teeth. At home, Frank Roach suggests using products like Pronamel toothpaste which actively strengthens weakened tooth enamel and protects it against erosion. 


Brush at Least Twice a Day


“Ideally, everyone would brush their teeth immediately following each meal to remove any residue,” says Frank Roach. “Not many people carry around toothbrushes, though, or have access to one after every meal.”


On average, he suggests patients should brush their teeth at least twice each day, typically once in the morning and again at night. 


Schedule Regular Checkups Each Year with a Dentist 


“Floss often and follow some or all of these tips if you can,” says Frank Roach, “but also make sure to schedule visits with your dentist once or twice a year even if you think you’re doing everything right. It’s a lot easier to resolve a creeping cavity or other dental issue early on than it is to replace teeth.”