Dentist Frank Roach Utilizes PRP Therapy at Offices in Atlanta, GA

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Frank Roach Frank Roach

For decades, Frank Roach has been a renowned leader in the field of dentistry thanks to his dedication to individualized patient care and his state-of-the-art procedures. Recently, he upgraded his offerings to include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, which expedites healing and significantly cuts down on recovery time following an invasive surgery

In Atlanta, few dentist practices offer as many sophisticated procedures and solutions as the offices of Frank Roach. There, patients can expect long-lasting results and exceptional care as Dr. Frank Roach consistently upgrades his tools, attends conferences to learn new techniques, and incorporates the latest breakthrough procedures into his practice. In this way, he ensures each patient receives effective, long-lasting results that address their specific needs.

“Not all the tech updates we make in our offices are immediately apparent, but they never fail to deliver exceptional results that our patients notice over time,” says Frank Roach. “We’ve upgraded from clay molds to 3D-scans of patients’ teeth and from traditional 8 or 12 anchor dentures to the All-on-Four procedure. Our offices have even upgraded to a MoonRay S 3D Printer that allows us to create in-house models.”

To help expedite patient healing time post-procedure, he now offers revolutionary PRP therapy in his offices in Atlanta. PRP therapy can be used following an invasive procedure to encourage faster and more thorough healing. Doctors have long recognized PRP as a revolutionary tool for cutting down on healing time in a range of injuries. The medical industry has primarily used the therapy as a solution for arthritis and tendon sprains in high-performance athletes in recent years.

PRP therapy has also gained a lot of traction in top beauty procedures where it restores youthful cells. The enriched plasma is a powerful healing agent that can have a tremendous impact on skin cells, tissue, bone health, and more. Today, PRP is proving its worth in the dental field where it can expedite the healing process for patients following dental procedures or surgery.

“Platelet-rich plasma calms down inflammation and delivers healing agents to wounds, helping them close up much faster,” says Frank Roach. “This way, we can cut down on the amount of discomfort patients experience after surgery and the time it takes for things to return to normal.”

PRP therapy isn’t demanding on the patient: a small sample of blood is collected from them where an in-office machine utilizing centrifugation separates blood cells from ultra-healing plasma. The growth factors that Frank Roach and his staff harness from patients’ blood is then developed into a topical or injectable solution that can be applied directly onto wounds to promote faster healing.

“PRP is simple and highly effective, and it’s proving to have a dramatic effect on patient comfort and satisfaction,” says Frank Roach. “By applying platelet-rich plasma to wounds, dentists can provide faster healing with better protection from infectious agents for improved overall results.”