Denver’s Spencer Shaver Empowers Small Businesses with Fighting Spirit

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Denver’s Spencer Shaver Empowers Small Businesses with Fighting Spirit Denver’s Spencer Shaver Empowers Small Businesses with Fighting Spirit

If you stop by your local dojo or dojang during lunch hour, you’ll likely find at least a handful of busy businessmen blowing off steam. And it’s really no surprise. While the parallels between business and martial arts may not be immediately apparent, both require a great deal of focus, dedication, and discipline to succeed. Spencer Shaver of Denver, CO, has for several years maintained a strong presence in both the dojo and the boardroom. Formerly a martial arts instructor, he now works as a consultant helping entrepreneurs and small businesses master the arts of marketing, HR, product promotionstaffing, and more.

Denver resident Spencer Shaver, the executive producer at Skyward Artists Group and a respected composer and documentary filmmaker, made his first foray into the business world in 2003 after teaching martial arts for 8 years. A lifelong student and teacher, Spencer Shaver has always loved learning as much as empowering others with the gift of knowledge. In 2009, he applied his talent, skills, and passion for marketing, sales, and business management to the development of a professional consulting firm.

In the first few years, he encountered many clients and colleagues who lost their livelihood and, in turn, their motivation, during the nationwide economic downturn. Spencer Shaver himself was not immune to economic hardship and empathized greatly with others similarly affected. Rather than giving up, however, he used his experience for good. Overcoming significant challenges enabled him to become a better educator. He has since helped hundreds of emerging, expanding, and struggling businesses to conquer hurdles, achieve goals, and maintain long-term success.

A devout Christian, Spencer Shaver’s documentaries and compositions, like his business philosophy, reflects the teachings of Christ. “We all have the power to make a positive impact on our environment,” he said. “And we all have an obligation to make a powerful difference.”

With this philosophy in mind, Spencer Shaver Denver empowers business owners and managers to believe in their dream and themselves while providing them with the essential tools to pave the way to a successful and fulfilling future via exceptional communication, marketing, sales, management, and recruiting techniques. He also encourages and supports businesspeople in giving back to their communities, completing the circle of good fortune and goodwill.

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