DG Contracting Highlights Common Roofing Problems

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Roof remodeling specialists DG Contracting explain four of the most common problems with existing roofing.


Taking great pride in improving clients’ treasured properties, roof remodeling specialists DG Contracting are a foremost Spokane County company dedicated to industry-leading roofing remodels. Focused on Liberty Lake, Colbert, and Spokane, Washington, DG Contracting highlights four of the most common roofing problems in the U.S. today. 


First, the company points toward leaking. Often the result of improper installation of flashing, a leaking roof should, says DG Contracting, never be ignored. When left unchecked, even a small leak can result in mold, mildew, and more serious rotting of various aspects of a property’s construction, according to the successful Spokane County roofing company. 


Next, DG Contracting highlights the issue of poor installation more generally. Often the result of unsatisfactory workmanship, the problem of poor installation demonstrates the importance, they say, of selecting a roof remodeling specialist dedicated to industry-leading standards, such as Liberty Lake-based DG Contracting. 


A less serious roofing problem, meanwhile, but one which can quickly lead to further issues and complications, is clogged gutters. DG Contracting says that clogged gutters can lead to many of the same problems as leaking. Such issues can, they suggest, be largely avoided by regularly checking and cleaning gutters to remove leaves and other debris. 


Where gutters are broken or otherwise damaged, a specialist roofing company should be called to take care of the problem, according to DG Contracting. 


This neatly leads DG Contracting on to their fourth common roofing problem – a lack of maintenance. According to DG Contracting, regular maintenance is essential if a roof is going to last. Failure to maintain a roof can, they say, lead to pooled water, shrinkage, blistering, and cracking. It can also make a roof more susceptible to snow, ice, and other damage, they point out.


“A well-maintained roof is key to protecting the rest of your home,” explains a DG Contracting spokesperson. “Whether new or old, maintenance of any roof is vital,” they continue, “as is selecting a proven and highly experienced roof remodeling specialist when a new roof becomes necessary.”


Responsible for hundreds of industry-leading roofing remodels, DG Contracting is proud to be among Spokane County’s best roof remodeling specialists, backed by hundreds of glowing client testimonials.


“Rest assured, when it comes to industry-leading roofing remodels in Liberty Lake, Spokane, Colbert, and surrounding areas,” adds DG Contracting’s spokesperson, wrapping up, “that DG Contracting is the Spokane County roofing company for the job.”