DG Contracting, LLC Looks at Equipter RB4000’s Role in Protecting Owners’ Properties

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From protecting owners’ properties from falling debris to safely reaching high areas, DG Contracting, LLC shares an insight into the use of the Equipter RB4000 roofing buggy.


The use of a roofing buggy, such as the Equipter RB4000, is essential in protecting owners’ homes and businesses from the possibility of falling debris, as well as to reach high areas as safely as possible, according to DG Contracting, LLC. A trusted home improvement and roofing company servicing Spokane, Washington, and surrounding areas, the firm offers a closer, professional look at its use of the RB4000 from Equipter.


The RB4000, DG Contracting, LLC reveals, runs on a 13-horsepower Honda engine. It’s an engine, they say, capable of taking it virtually anywhere on a job site. With a tight turning radius and evenly distributed weight, the roofing buggy also reduces the risk of property damage and won’t leave ruts in customers’ lawns, according to the Washington-based roofing company. A 12-foot lift, 4-foot roll-back feature, and a near-4,000-lb capacity container further support both efficiency and a cleaner job site, claims the successful RB4000-equipped firm, established in 2013 on a value system of customer service and integrity.


“Whether you’re frustrated by hours of clean-up, slowed down by worn-out crews, or worried about flat profit, you understand that with the right tools and processes, your roofing business will break through to the next level,” suggest the RB4000’s manufacturers, Equipter, LLC.


Equipter, LLC was established by CEO Aaron Beiler following 15 years at the helm of a successful family-run roof replacement business. Knowing that more efficient debris removal could make a significant difference in how quickly and effectively jobs could be completed, and with no equipment existing to manage debris to the level he envisioned, Beiler and his sons sketched their own ideas for a tool which could perform to their expectations. Originally named the Roofer’s Buggy, what is today known as the Equipter RB4000 was born.


In addition to the RB4000 roofing buggy, further Equipter products include the RB3000 dump trailer, the RB2000 portable dumpster, and the CR8000 mobile crane.


Equipter’s debris management solutions, according to DG Contracting, LLC, have changed the way in which roofers work. What’s more, all Equipter products, they reveal, boast American-made components and are manufactured in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It’s an area of the United States, suggests the firm, wrapping up, known not only for its solid work ethic but also for its old-world values, situated just a 90-minute drive from Philadelphia.


To find out more about Equipter, head to https://www.equipter.com/. To learn more about DG Contracting, LLC, meanwhile, call 509-209-1894 or visit http://dgcontractingspokane.com/.