DG Contracting LLC Offers Advice on Selling or Buying a Home

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DG Contracting LLC Selling or Buying a Home DG Contracting LLC Selling or Buying a Home
DG Contracting LLC

The summer months are a prime time to sell or buy a home, but one thing key thing that many people forget to consider or overlook when selling a home is the quality and remaining life of their existing roof. If the roof fails inspection, or has a limited estimated amount of time left, getting a new roof can help to sell a house quickly by attracting buyers. Buyers know which homes are well-maintained, and this is especially evident when a seller invests in their roof.

DG Contracting LLC goes a few steps further when replacing or repairing a roof. They understand that the client’s home is one of, if not their most significant investment, that’s why they make it a priority to respect each person’s home and to give them the best quality and service available. For example, DG Contracting reinvests in their own company by making purchases that most roofing business would never consider. Case in point, the Equipter RB4000 costs $45,000, but for their clients, DG Contracting, LLC says it’s worth it because it provides exclusive services via an innovative debris management system that takes the mess out of roofing.

The RB4000 is a valuable benefit for clients working with DG Contracting and one that all individuals should consider, especially those trying to sell their home. Why? Because it’s to the advantage of the homeowner. The RB4000 keeps the lawn and yard totally protected and clean. The machine is large and has a 13 horsepower engine and hydraulic lift that allows DG Contracting to raise the machine 12 feet. When the Equipter is placed at the job site, it prevents divots in the lawn and old roofing falls into the attached dumpster, not the owner’s yard. This improves DG Contracting’s efficiency, maintains a much cleaner job site, and allows the job to be completed faster and more competently.

Another reason that DG Contracting stands out above competitors is that they never higher subcontractors and the owner has a personal commitment to be on every job site from the beginning to the end, ensuring the highest quality roofing and his worker’s accountability.

If you’re considering selling your home and need a new or refurbished roof, contacting DG Contracting LLC is the best choice you can make because they partner with you on your project and respect your needs.