DG Contracting LLC, Sheds Light on How to Know if you Need a New Roof

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DG Contracting LLC How to Know if you Need a New Roof DG Contracting LLC How to Know if you Need a New Roof

Six years ago DG Contracting LLC, a premier roofing company, was formed on a value system of customer service and integrity. 


DG Contracting LLC

DG Contracting believes that the reason they are reaching goals and seeing substantial success is due to their commitment to ensuring their client’s satisfaction.  


DG Contracting specializes in the highest quality roof repair and replacement, along with evaluating roofs for partial repair or total replacement, but they’ve also provided a few tips for you to check your roof on your own.


How to Know You Need a New Roof



  •     Curled or Broken Shingles (deteriorating or pest damage)
  •     Sagging Areas (rotten or water damage)
  •     Dark stains (water damage)
  •     Algae, Mold, Moss growth (indicates structural issues/rotting)
  •     Roof Valley Slope (snow or rain damage)
  •     Shingle Dust in Gutter or on Ground (deteriorating)


Interior (via Attic or indoors):

  •     Water Damage 
  •     Sagging Areas (rotten or water damage)
  •     Streaks & Stains (water damage)
  •     Mold (toxic and damaged)
  •     Sunlight Filtering (deteriorating)


If your roof age is near 20 years or more since installation, the likelihood of needing it replaced or repaired are significantly high.  There are also many issues like shoddy workmanship or inferior quality products that can lead to trouble down the road. If you notice any problems with your roof, or just want an evaluation, DG Contracting has got you covered.  They treat each project as if it were their own home, so you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly and with the utmost attention to detail.


No matter what the weather brings, DG Contracting LLC works year-round throughout the cold, snowy winters and the hot summers, no matter how challenging the job may be.  And while the team is extremely experienced individually, together they have over 50 years of combined roofing experience. The owner of DG Contracting makes it a point to always be onsite at all jobs and projects, and he personally sees them through from beginning to end.


DG Contracting only uses top of line roofing materials, and because of their expertise and loyalty to each project, they offer a 15-year warranty on their craftsmanship.