DG Contracting Rated Rive Stars on HomeAdvisor

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Spokane County roofing and remodeling specialists DG Contracting proud to be top-rated among HomeAdvisor-listed professionals.

A trusted home improvement and roofing contractor servicing Spokane, Washington, and surrounding areas, DG Contracting promises prompt, professional, and reliable service with an emphasis on excellence and complete client satisfaction. Now top-rated among HomeAdvisor-listed professionals based on more than 140 verified customer testimonials, DG Contracting invites potential clients to call or visit them online to find out why the Spokane County-based business comes so highly recommended.

DG Contracting is currently rated 4.97/5 on HomeAdvisor based on almost 150 verified ratings. Rated by criteria, DG Contracting scores 5/5 for quality, 5/5 for customer service, and 5/5 for value for money, according to the service which provides its users with the tools and resources they need to complete their home maintenance, repair, and improvement projects.

Spokane County-based DG Contracting serves clients in Spokane, Post Falls, Cheney, Four Lakes, Rockford, Worley, and surrounding areas. Specializing in roofing and remodels, the company offers roofing and asphalt shingle roof installation, among other services. In business since 2013, state-licensed and trade-registered general contractor DG Contracting is proud to offer free estimates to all clients.

“DG Contracting and their crew are the best!” begins DG Contracting’s latest five-star HomeAdvisor review. “They removed the tile from our roof, repaired a sagging portion due to broken trusses, removed our spouting, repaired or replaced facets as required and then installed new three-ply composite roofing material all in less than two weeks,” reveals the testimonial, posted by DG Contracting client David, from Liberty Lake, Washington.

“DG Contracting were timely and accomplished everything we requested during a difficult weather period, including snow, rain, and freezing temperatures,” they continue. “Can’t say enough positive things other than the roof looks great!” adds David, wrapping up his review.

HomeAdvisor-as featured on Bloomberg, MarketWatch, financial news outlet Barron’s, and in the Chicago Business Journal-provides homeowners with the tools and resources required to complete their home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. With HomeAdvisor, individuals and families are able to view average project costs, find local home professionals, and instantly book appointments online. The company is based in Golden, Colorado.

Further to achieving a five-star rating on the platform, DG Contracting has also earned a number of HomeAdvisor awards including Best of HomeAdvisor, HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional, HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional, HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval, and Five Years with HomeAdvisor, marking more than half a decade of active HomeAdvisor membership.

To learn more about DG Contracting or to read additional DG Contracting reviews, visit the Spokane County contracting firm’s profile on HomeAdvisor at https://www.homeadvisor.com/rated.DGContractingLLC.39796902.html. Alternatively, for further information or to request a free estimate, call 509-209-1894 or head to https://dgcontractingspokanellc.com/.