Dipanshu Sharma Launches Meditation.LIVE Bringing Yoga & Meditation to the Workplace

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Dipanshu Sharma Yoga Meditation to the Workplace Dipanshu Sharma Yoga Meditation to the Workplace

CEO of Meditation.LIVE, Dipanshu Sharma, on a mission to bring yoga & meditation to the modern workplace

Do you ever feel stressed out at work? Do you ever get anxiety under pressure? Mental health, “hustle-culture”, work-life balance have become important topics in our conversations about the modern workplace, as we see a new approach to the idea of careers and entrepreneurship from new generations entering the workforce. So if you have been feeling stressed out, now you can relax, because serial entrepreneur Dipanshu Sharma is bringing peace of mind and productivity to corporations and businesses with his new venture Meditation.LIVE.

Meditation.LIVE is an on-demand and live-streaming yoga and meditation subscription service for companies looking to reduce employee stress and anxiety, increase productivity, stimulate creativity, and strengthen team relationships. The stated goal of Dipanshu Sharma and Meditation.LIVE is, “To create an interpersonal experience with the best teachers in the world.”

Dipanshu Sharma, who now lives in Miami FL, is originally from New Delhi, India. After growing up in New Delhi and graduating from DAVV University with a MS in Computer Science, D Sharma received an internship from Nokia in Finland and attended the Helsinki University of Technology. In Finland, Dipanshu Sharma wrote over 20 patents for Nokia. From Finland, Dipanshu Sharma moved to the Nokia office in San Diego, California. After just three months in San Diego, Dipanshu Sharma left Nokia and started his first company, involving speech recognition, and started down the path of entrepreneurship.

Now, after founding multiple companies, advising many start-ups, and raising over $150M in funding over his career, Dipanshu Sharma has turned his focus to improving the mental health and corporate wellness of companies all over the world. Meditation.LIVE launched in July of 2018 and has Meditation Gurus or teachers, across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Meditation.LIVE Gurus hold live, interactive classes that are securely streamed to members across the world. Companies, hotels, and organizations set up a dedicated meditation room in their building where employees can attend these classes. For a fixed subscription cost every month, clients receive unlimited usage, and an unlimited number of employees or building tenants can use the meditation room.

In addition to these live classes, Meditation.LIVE has on-demand classes so that clients have 24/7 access to yoga and meditation in the workplace, anywhere in the world. Also, Dipanshu Sharma has implemented the concept of workshops. Meditation.LIVE Gurus hold 4 to 8-week workshops on subjects such as intuition, stress reduction, meditation, healthy sleep, and more.

Volkan Casgal, Founder of Adphorus, had this to say about the benefits of bringing Meditation.LIVE to Adphorus, “You can see a change in attitude from day one of our employees joining the Meditation.Live program. We haven’t come across a program that’s as hands-on and personalized as this. The benefit outweighs the cost for every employee onboard.”

To learn more about Meditation.LIVE, or to start a free trial, visit www.meditation.live