Don Dirren Talks Retirement Planning, Why It’s So Important, and How to Create an Effective Plan

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Don Dirren Don Dirren

Don Dirren is a licensed financial advisor at the Bergen Financial Group in Arizona. He has owned and operated two brokerage firms and has been advising individuals for more than three decades, but it is much more than just a job to him. Don Dirren truly loves working with his clients to help them achieve financial peace of mind and protect their wealth. This passion drives his daily life.

As a very experienced financial advisor, Don Dirren puts a lot of emphasis on planning for retirement. He makes one very important point that everyone should heed: Life teaches us to expect the unexpected. The best thing you can do is prepare for it. If you do not, you can expect unstable golden years and a lack of enjoyment. You will likely also have nothing left to pass on.

Instead, Don Dirren advises that you start your retirement planning as soon as possible. When working with his clients to plan for the future, Don Dirren suggests a multi-focus plan to retirement in order to prevent as many surprises as possible. Some of the most important steps he suggests are:

Plan for social security and minimize social security taxes- The first step Don Dirren points out in minimizing social security taxes is to stay below the taxable threshold, which is currently $26,000 for an individual and $32,000 for a married couple. He also suggests saving in a Roth IRA and managing your retirement income well. And, of course, hire a financial advisor to help you through the process if there is anything you do not understand.

Create and follow an income and a risk plan- A big step in any planning is actually creating and following the plan. You should create an income plan that helps you understand where your money is coming from, where it is going, and so on. Additionally, you need to consider any potential risks that you might face in retirement. You first want to try to avoid these risks completely, if at all possible. If not, Don Dirren says to make the necessary preparations to keep them from ruining your retirement.

Face long term care costs with life insurance products- No one wants to face their own immortality. Not preparing for it does not change the inevitable. Instead of paying out-of-pocket for the care you might need in later years, Don Dirren says to consider life insurance products with long term care coverage.

Planning for retirement is an important step to take as soon as you can, and having someone on your team that has your back can maximize your chances of success. Consider having a financial advisor on your side that will take the time to understand your goals, make an effective plan to get there, and walk with you along the way.

For many, Don Dirren has been this partner. He goes farther than just advising his clients, though. He aims to educate them in the process. Don Dirren is well known for breaking down complex processes with real-world situations, making it easier for his clients to understand. He is the type of partner you want on your financial team.