Douglas Greenberg Reveals Continued Passion for the Outdoors

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Douglas Greenberg Passion for the Outdoors Douglas Greenberg Passion for the Outdoors
Douglas Greenberg

From skiing and hiking to sailing and scuba diving, former Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg reflects on his lifelong passion for the outdoors.

An advanced skier and scuba diver who’s also experienced in sailing and a wide variety of other outdoor pursuits and activities, former Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg has traveled the globe in order to indulge in his numerous pastimes and other passions. Many of these, he reveals, reflect a lifelong love of the outdoors for the experienced asset allocation and alternative investment specialist as he discusses the topic in more detail.

Contributing toward a worldwide travel and tourism sector today worth an estimated $7.5 trillion annually, global traveler, sports fan, and father of two Douglas Greenberg’s next planned trip is to north-easternmost Africa. Here, he and his sons will head to Tanzania to scale the infamous Mount Kilimanjaro. At close to 6,000 meters tall, Mount Kilimanjaro’s most impressive peak soars above Africa’s second-highest mountain, Mount Kenya, by several hundred meters. The family’s trip to Africa is scheduled for June 2019.

“I’ve traveled all over the world,” reveals Greenberg, “which has allowed me to indulge in many of my favorite activities, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.”

Born in Texas before moving to Tustin in Southern California for high school, Greenberg is now a resident of Lake Oswego, Oregon. Greenberg’s other recent travels have taken him and his family to Canada, Europe, and Asia. The Dallas native has previously journeyed across much of the globe, with his love of travel developing from a young age. His other interests, he says, include watching live sports, visiting vineyards, and wine tasting.

A particular fan of professional basketball, the father of two is also an avid volunteer, supporting numerous nonprofit organizations, charities, and other good causes. A dog lover, Greenberg also owns a curly-coated retriever named Molly.

“When I’m at home and not traveling, I particularly enjoy getting outdoors with my wonderful dog, Molly, and taking in the beautiful local scenery here in Lake Oswego, Oregon,” adds the seasoned jet-setter, wrapping up.

Texas-born father of two Douglas Greenberg is a resident of Lake Oswego, Oregon, located 10 miles south of Portland. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business Executive Education programs and a former Morgan Stanley Executive Director, Wealth Advisor, and Senior Portfolio Manager, Greenberg is known for his problem-solving skills, as well as specializing in alternative investments and asset allocation. A fan of professional soccer and basketball, Greenberg holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and, in his spare time, enjoys hiking, sailing, and wine tasting in addition to travel, skiing, and scuba diving.